Cleanaway Dandenong South Solid Waste Depot

Cleanaway Dandenong South Solid Waste Depot

The 53,000 square meter Cleanaway Dandenong South Depot is a consolidation of Cleanaway’s business and operational teams, including the leadership team for Victoria Post Collections, the business, sales, administration, finance, and fleet teams for Commercial and Industrial and Municipal collections.

Also, there are two workshops on the property that are intended for safe labor when fixing and maintaining their municipal, C&I, and Cleanaway Daniels collection vehicles.

Resource recovery at every opportunity

The top provider of comprehensive trash management solutions in Australia is Cleanaway Waste Management Limited. For more than 50 years, they have provided solutions to Australia that not only help their clients but also the communities and environment in which they operate.

With the addition of Toxfree and Daniels Health in 2018, Cleanaway expanded its scope and reach to include over 6,300 skilled staff members and a specialized fleet of more than 5,300 vehicles dispersed across 250 locations in Australia. Grasshopper Environmental was added in 2020, enhancing their resource recovery operations in the building and demolition sector. They expanded their waste processing capacity by purchasing seven post-collection assets from Suez in 2021, which helped to create the Sydney Resource Network (SRN).

With Cleanaway, customers have access to an unmatched capacity for garbage collection, processing, treatment, recycling, and safe disposal. Australia manages its waste needs by asking “what can it be next?” rather than “where does it go now?,” as they view every garbage as a resource. They are constantly looking for better, wiser, and cleaner solutions to enable a sustainable future thanks to their experience and skills in the field.

Deep ties and collaborations have resulted as a result with influential figures from several industries. As the Network Operator, they collaborated with TOMRA as TOMRA Cleanaway in 2017 to deliver Return and Earn, NSW’s container return program, with permission to continue doing so in 2022.

Also, they joined together to form Circular Plastics Australia (CPA), a joint venture to recycle PET plastic, alongside Pact Group and Asahi Beverages. This relationship generates valuable raw materials that are used to make new beverage and food containers from container return programs across the nation.

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