Coleman’s Music

Coleman's Music

Founded in the vibrant and musical city of Melbourne in 1989, Coleman’s Music has been a beloved family-owned music store that has resonated with musicians not only across Victoria but throughout the whole of Australia. Over the years, this esteemed establishment has established itself as a cornerstone of the music community, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes aspiring and seasoned musicians alike.

With two well-placed retail locations in Melbourne and Lynbrook, as well as an online store catering to music enthusiasts all over the country, Coleman’s Music has truly made its mark in the industry. Whether you’re a budding musician eager to learn or a seasoned professional seeking the perfect instrument, they take pride in being a premier Melbourne Music Store that accommodates musicians from all walks of life.

Stepping into their stores, you are immediately greeted with a comprehensive and diverse range of musical instruments, accessories, sheet music, gifts, and more. Each item carefully selected to cater to the eclectic tastes of musicians of varying genres and styles. But it’s not just their impressive inventory that sets them apart. At Coleman’s Music, customer satisfaction is a top priority, and their knowledgeable and affable staff are always at the ready to offer valuable advice and suggestions to ensure every visit is a delightful and rewarding experience.

The story of Coleman’s Music began over three decades ago when the enterprising Michael and Roslynn Coleman embarked on a journey to follow their passion for music and opened a quaint organ shop in Cranbourne. Little did they know that this humble beginning would be the spark that ignited their remarkable legacy. Known initially as Cranbourne Music, the store initially offered a modest selection of second-hand instruments and affordable music items, along with a small music school catering to local students.

As word of their dedication to music and exceptional service spread like wildfire, Coleman’s Music rapidly grew in popularity and found its footing in the vibrant Victorian music community. In a bid to bring musicians together and celebrate their love for music, the store began hosting a plethora of events, including the legendary 32 Hour Sale, enthralling busking competitions, and a heartwarming Christmas concert for their music school students.

It was in this nurturing environment that Michael and Roslynn’s eldest son, Ryan Coleman, took the baton and became the second generation to embrace the family business in 1992. With Ryan’s involvement, the Coleman family’s harmonious journey in the world of music continued to flourish. Soon after, his talented siblings, Tim and Amber, joined the ranks, solidifying the family’s collective commitment to their beloved enterprise.

In 2002, a significant milestone was reached when Coleman’s Music expanded its presence, opening a second store on the bustling La Trobe Street in Melbourne’s dynamic CBD. This move marked yet another success in their journey, further establishing their position as a reputable name in the industry. Fifteen years later, their current flagship store found its home on the iconic Elizabeth Street, a space that would witness many more chapters of music history.

Never one to rest on their laurels, Coleman’s Music continued to grow, evolve, and seek new opportunities to serve the music community better. When their cherished original store in Cranbourne closed its doors in 2016, it was replaced by a sprawling and awe-inspiring 800-square-meter showroom in the enchanting suburb of Lynbrook. This monumental store has become a haven for musicians, boasting an impressive array of guitars, pianos, drums, and an extensive collection of musical equipment, making it one of the largest and most sought-after musical instrument retail stores in the entire country.

As the years rolled on, Coleman’s Music evolved not just in size and reputation, but in name as well. In 2021, more than three decades after its inception, the store underwent a transformation, changing its name to Coleman’s Music store as a heartfelt tribute to its visionary founder, Michael Coleman. Despite this name change, one thing remained steadfast – their unwavering dedication to providing musicians with the finest instruments and accessories, combined with the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that has defined them from the very beginning.

Today, Coleman’s Music continues to be a beacon of inspiration for music enthusiasts all over Australia, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of musicians who have had the privilege to cross their threshold. Their legacy of passion, commitment, and community remains the driving force behind their success, and as they step into the future, Coleman’s Music will undoubtedly continue to make beautiful music with musicians from every corner of the land Down Under.

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