Collectors Corner

Collectors Corner

The main goal of Collectors Corner, which is more than just a business, is to publicize the pastimes that its owners have pursued since they were young and still do today.

From the plants and animals that live on the surface of the earth to the jewels, minerals, and fossils that are found deep underground, this world is a singular and magnificent place with remarkable complexity and diversity throughout almost all sectors.

Additionally, they only understand the 3.5 billion years of living evolution from fossil records.

Come explore the strange and unexpected with them and experience nature’s wonders in person rather than only via literature and movies.

Collectors Corner is viewed by some as more of a museum than a store.

Browse through these sections to get a small taste of the collector’s world, or use Google Maps to take a 360-degree tour of Collectors Corner. Simply click the icon below to take a virtual tour of Collectors Corner as it was on December 17, 2018 and then move the arrows.


As a side project, Jeno and Attila Kapitany founded Paradisia Nurseries in 1980. In 1982, Tom Kapitany started working there.

Since their modest beginnings in 1980, when they sold leftover collecting plants at the Caribbean Market, there was significantly more demand for their goods than they had anticipated, and by 1984, they had started seeking for a retail location.

In September 1985, Collectors Corner opened its doors.

The property received a significant reconstruction in 1988, becoming the current structure.

They have been able to gather an astounding variety of uncommon and rare objects under one roof thanks to the construction of Collectors Corner.

Collectors Corner is more than just a flower shop. It is a haven for collectors and contains amazing collections of gems, fossils, meteorites, seashells, preserved insects, and a wide variety of plants, as the name implies. Their own production nursery is where they grow the majority of the plants they sell.

Since there was such a high demand for their minerals and gemstones in 1998, Tom Kapitany now runs a separate wholesale company called “Crystal World.” They run a number of mining operations in Australia through Crystal World, and at several international gem exhibitions they sell gems, minerals, and fossils all over the world. Crystal World is a well-liked attraction for gem lovers and now runs as a separate company from its location in Devon Meadows.

In 1999, Attila quit his job at the corporation to pursue a career as a writer and book publisher. In Narre Warren North, he also established a succulent garden that is well recognized worldwide. This is accessible to the public one weekend each September.

The National Dinosaur Museum is a well-liked tourist attraction situated in the Gold Creek tourism district in Nicholls, A.C.T., and it came under their management in 2011 with Jeno and Tom being part of a group who now own and administer the property.

Their displays of gems, fossils, and minerals are now on display in the nation’s capital and will keep growing in the years to come.

Why people continue to see dinosaurs wandering through nurseries may be explained by the growth inside the museum.


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