Dingley Kindergarten Centres

Dingley Kindergarten Centres

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) is acknowledged by Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc. as a crucial component of their pedagogical approach. Family-centered practices are significant, as acknowledged by the VEYLDF. Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc. greatly values working cooperatively with families and recognizing that they are the greatest influence on children’s learning and development.

Building respectful connections with kids increases their self-assurance, sense of safety and well-being, and willingness to participate in learning. Equity and diversity are recognized in the promotion of an inviting and inclusive environment. Families are encouraged to get involved and make a difference in the education and growth of their kids.

Children can learn crucial skills for lifelong learning through play. In order to stimulate and integrate a variety of children’s intellectual, physical, social, and creative capacities, the VEYLDF advocates play as being crucial. Individual and group interests and strengths of the kids are acknowledged, encouraged, and developed. Warm and respectful connections are fostered through responsive participation, creating chances for more learning. Play encourages:

  • a kid’s solid feeling of self and wellbeing,
  • a comprehension of how kids interact with and impact their environment,
  • enthusiastic and assured students,
  • assisting kids in developing their communication skills.


Educators integrate teaching and learning methodologies by forging relationships and cooperating with early childhood professionals. Future learning and development of the children is supported by reflective practice. Teachers have high expectations for their students, and the learning environment should be child-centered. Within the context of education, children ought to experience a strong sense of identity. The field of early childhood education is constantly changing. Through these measures, the Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc Committee aims to support teachers. Encouragement and support for educators to participate in professional development opportunities will help them stay up to date on pedagogical best practices and emerging trends.

The way they respond to children and families is greatly influenced by their understanding of current research and theory. All members of the Committee of Management, the Staff, and the Volunteers are expected to abide by the Rules and the National Law. The Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc. follows the National Quality Framework as a roadmap for improving and reevaluating its operations and procedures.

They uphold the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics’ principles. This serves as their manual for daily practice. The atmosphere in the kindergarten should be kind, welcoming, and secure. You can tell by watching the interactions with the kids that they are treated with respect and encouraged to keep honing their lifelong learning abilities.


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