Eastern Companion Dog Training boarding school

Eastern Companion Dog Training boarding school

Dog Training Schools Melbourne

The ability to help and train all dogs is something that Eastern Companion Dog Training takes great pride in.

They are a team of skilled dog trainers who were founded in 1997 with the sole aim of assisting their clients in training their dogs to meet their specific requirements. They emphasize practical training, in which a dog is taught to behave equally well at home and at the neighborhood store, beach, or park. They also specialize in treating behavioral issues, such as aggression problems as well as issues with barking or destructive behavior. No dog is turned away, regardless of behavior, breed, or gender.

They work hard to offer top-notch customer service; all of their staff members are welcoming and friendly, and all of their puppies and dogs receive individualized training. To tailor their training to the specific requirements of their clients, they offer a range of training options, including Group and Puppy Training Classes, In Home Lessons, and Dog Boarding School.

Training Philosophy

Their training philosophy is to employ the necessary technique that best meets the unique needs of their clients. They take great pride in having thorough knowledge of the most modern training methods from around the world as a result of extensive research. In all of their training platforms, they can adjust the training to meet the needs of each customer. No two clients will ever receive the exact same training. They aim to train the dog to behave in accordance with the customer’s preferences rather than dictating how the customer must own a dog.

Additionally, they have worked to make their dog training incredibly family friendly. All family members participate in the training. They employ methods that are easy to follow and comprehend at each stage of their training programs so that all family members can take part.


Their dog training in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne can be customized to better meet your needs and the needs of your canine friend in order to give you flexibility. Their dog school and dog training services can be tailored to your unique needs, whether you want to train a new puppy or need a dog behaviorist in Melbourne to teach an adult dog to behave better.


Prior to guiding you and your dog through the necessary steps to modify your dog’s behavior, their professional dog trainer will identify any behavioral issues with your canine companion. You can be sure that their canine training experts are qualified for the job because they use the most recent training techniques and in-depth research. They take pride in being amiable, welcoming, and approachable in addition to being experts at pet dog training in Melbourne. Their dog school instructors are available to talk with you about any concerns you may have regarding dog behavior or training, and they will listen to your concerns patiently. Every time you call, you are also certain to speak with a dog trainer directly.

If you would like to learn more about them or any of their dog training services, please feel free to call them anytime on (03) 9723 4387.

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