Australians are widely known for their pioneering spirit and lack of bullshit. After addressing the issue of “Why can’t I control DMX lights from a computer?” This is precisely what Nicolas Moreau was inspired by when he created the Open DMX USB, the first PC-to-light fixture link, in 1999.

It was a finely made but deceptively simple gadget, designed to be high quality, inexpensive, and compatible with existing systems. Additionally, as the word “Open” in its name implies, its schematics were made freely available for anybody to study and copy. As a result, this new technology spread quickly and heralded previously unimaginable creative possibilities that would revolutionize the lighting industry.

With several of its products becoming global industry standards, the ENTTEC brand quickly gained a reputation for engineering know-how, fine craftsmanship, and technical innovation. It also gained a reputation for providing the kind of quick and flexible support and service that lighting professionals require. They set out to treat their clients with the same integrity, competence, and commitment to getting the best result that they would want for themselves.

The requirement to grow their operations globally grew in tandem with the breadth and popularity of their product line. They created ENTTEC Americas in 2010 with a basis in the renowned Research Triangle region of North Carolina, the United States, and ENTTEC Europe in 2013 with a base in London and dealers across the continent to go along with their cutting-edge design and manufacturing facility. In 2023, they opened their first Middle Eastern office in Dubai, which they are pleased of.

With their high-end LED luminaires, pixel system improvements, and real end-to-end solutions for almost any project, they are now a significant participant in the worldwide lighting market. However, they want to maintain their focus squarely on the future through ongoing research and testing.

Their drive to push the frontiers of what is currently feasible and their willingness to share their discoveries with you are what give them momentum. Their mission is to make sure that their products continue to encourage consumers to create breathtaking graphics that represent the pinnacle of innovative technology.


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