Haileybury, Keysborough

Haileybury, Keysborough

Their extremely effective parallel schooling methodology, excellent teachers, and strong entrepreneurial spirit enable them to accomplish their impressive student learning outcomes. A long history and record of accomplishments dating back to 1892 serve as a strong backdrop to all of this.

The Australian Education Awards have recognized Haileybury as one of Australia’s top schools with numerous accolades, including Australian School of the Year, Primary School of the Year, Principal of the Year, Best Student Wellbeing, and Best Remote Learning. According to the results of national testing, Haileybury has also been named as Victoria’s top coeducational primary school and second-best secondary school.

Expecting more, offering more

Haileybury has rigorous standards for both its pupils and its instructors. For academic performance in Australia, the Senior School expects 50% of its pupils to place in the top 10%, 75% in the top 20%, and 90% in the top 30%. They are certain that graduates will possess solid fundamental academic capabilities, a wide range of analytical thinking abilities, and the ability to function in a quickly changing global environment.

The Haileybury Senior School in Tianjin, China, and partner schools in Timor Leste, Japan, France, the UK, and the US are just a few of the many international involvement possibilities available to students at Haileybury.

Wonderful opportunities exist to interact with Darwin’s Haileybury Rendall School as well.

Developing their students academically and socially

According to Dr. Robert Pargetter, the school’s motto is “Every student matters every day.” Through flexible and innovative programs in their Early Learning Centers, learning begins at a young age. Explicit instruction is used to enhance fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities in the junior years.

Throughout order to expand analytical thinking and problem solving in the middle years, a combination of explicit instruction and student-centered learning is used. Students get the chance to develop independence and resilience as part of an engaging Year 9 development program. There are programs to accommodate all students’ interests and talents thanks to the three-year VCE Program in the Senior Years and the extensive topic options.

Haileybury’s dedication to a robust program of social and personal wellbeing education that emphasizes achieving potential, fostering individual resilience, and fostering the growth of personal character values enhances its academic curriculum. Haileybury is dedicated to helping its students grow in accordance with their beliefs in the values of social justice and respect for oneself and others. They have a firm commitment to a consent agenda and solid, respectful relationships.

Innovating and immersing

One of Australia’s most ambitious and entrepreneurial schools is Haileybury. Examples of this include the construction of Melbourne’s first vertical school, substantial educational initiatives throughout Asia, and the establishment of Darwin’s Haileybury Rendall School. The first Australian school to send a student experiment to the International Space Station was Haileybury in 2017. Being a student at Haileybury means being a part of a forward-thinking organization.


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