Keysborough Gardens Primary School

Keysborough Gardens Primary School

On January 28, 2020, Keysborough Gardens Primary School held its grand opening. 350 students are enrolled for the class of 2022, which will have 16 classes total. Around 550–600 students are expected to enroll in their program over the long term.

The school is situated in Keysborough South on a 2.2 hectare plot that has been landscaped, some 27 km southeast of Melbourne and 7 km inland from Port Phillip Bay. Keysborough South is now experiencing major residential growth in a region that was formerly made up of market gardens and semi-rural homes.

A community that is constantly expanding and culturally varied, with many of its citizens being foreign-born, is served by Keysborough Gardens Primary School.

The main building’s two levels are home to several adaptable collaborative learning spaces, explicit instruction glassed rooms, presentation spaces, quiet reading or small group nooks, specialized labs for art, science, and creative activities, games and construction/storytelling settings, and restrooms.

The performing arts and physical education building houses both a performing arts center and a well-equipped sports stadium. It has a sizable gym, a performing arts room, a room for teaching Chinese and Mandarin, the school canteen, restrooms, staff offices, and service areas. Their Before & After School Care program is also housed there.

The grounds have a grassy playing field, an amphitheater, outdoor classrooms, and many play spaces. Recently, shade sails were put in place at the school’s back.

The structure of the school’s classes will continue to change as enrollment increases. In 2022, Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 will all provide straight courses, while 3/4 and 5/6 will have composite classes. While home groups will be established at all levels, a differentiated curriculum takes into account the needs of each student.

Performing arts, visual arts, Mandarin, physical education, and other specialized programs are also available. A rising variety of extracurricular enrichment activities round out the complete curriculum by providing a learning enhancement/individual needs program.

The hiring criteria are based on those of a highly successful professional learning community, and they call for hiring teachers with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and teaching experiences.

Keysborough Gardens PS leaders and teachers have a love for and strong commitment to inquiry-based teaching that is supported by data on each individual student’s learning and driven by ongoing assessment. They exhibit a tremendous love for instructing and preparing in groups. They have a positive outlook and flourish in a collaborative environment. They like the difficulties of attending a new school and recognize how important they are to the advancement of the institution as a whole.

At Keysborough Gardens PS, educators are committed to each student’s intellectual, social, and emotional development. Their capacity to maintain attention on both their own professional development as excellent teachers and the advancement of students’ learning underpins everything they do.

The success of the school depends on the education support staff in many different ways, including in the administration and in the classrooms.

All members of the Keysborough Gardens school community are guided in their everyday interactions by the core principles of kindness, empathy, gratitude, respect, and excellence.


At Keysborough Gardens, people: Set an example of kindness, show compassion to others, and provide assistance whenever possible.

By taking into account and comprehending another person’s feelings, or “placing themselves in another person’s shoes,” one can demonstrate empathy.

By valuing and honoring the people and things in their lives, one can show gratitude.

Understanding that their attitudes and behaviors affect those around them, they should respect themselves, their school, and one another.


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