Masala Dandenong Football Club

Masala is among the excellent tales of Australian soccer and the way that it absorbs the Melbourne community from all walks of life. You’ve been players of multicultural history from the VAFA, and really the rivalry has frequently celebrated Multicultural Round, but the coming of Masala — a really multicultural club to the rivalry in 2013 attracted something different. Masala translates as a mixture of spices and their tagline of hot footy is just one the club is proud of. The team spent their first two seasons at Club XVIII and whilst their album isn’t too successful, the team is driven to raise and offer a pathway for gamers of all backgrounds to perform Australia’s match. In 2015, the team became a senior team, entering a mature and reservations side in Division 4. In February 2019, the team formally changed its title to Masala Dandenong FC to bring them nearer into the regional Dandenong community, providing them a more profound link with the players and businesses in the region.

Masala Dandenong Football Club

Masala is just a youthful club but has increased hugely since then. Masala by title is a combination of spices and that’s precisely that people are! We are constructed on attracting new players into Australian Rules Football. We instruct asylum seekers, refugees, expats as well as our surprise quite numerous Australian natives (who’ve never played ) to perform Australia’s game. For us local soccer is all about creating a community; providing those who may otherwise have a genuine social hub the chance to engage, learn and develop with us.

The team started following the 2012 AFL International Cup when a variety of Melbourne established Indian Trainers wanted to keep on playing soccer in a environment they felt comfortable and comprised in. Masala immediately became the house for anyone from anywhere who wanted to play soccer.

Masala Dandenong Football Club (Masala) has been incorporated in August 2012 and played its first season of soccer in 2013, at the Victorian Amateur Football Association at Club XVIII.
We have seen gamers from all around the world: Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Estonia, United States, England and much more; and word is spreading quickly!
“Who does the teaching?” , you may ask. Another players! Masala is pleased with our senior players that take every chance at each game and training to promote and instruct new players.
Our duty is to engage culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the Greater Dandenong area and present them into soccer. Masala intends to promote diversity within the soccer community, in addition to encouraging all individuals from a range of backgrounds to enjoy the comradery and community which just a soccer club setting supplies. The club’s center responsibility is not to just its own players, but also their friends and families to ensure a serene and fun atmosphere for all.

Masala is a Combination of experienced and new, local and overseas; we’re pleased to be who we’re constructing a real multicultural community, someplace anyone can call house
Masala currently has 7 seasons of footballing expertise and is growing daily. The team has undergone significant growth concerning playing amounts and continues to improve field performances annually and now competes in Division 4.

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