Mount Hira College

Mount Hira College

An inclusive, secure, and supportive Islamic school, Mt Hira College is situated in Keysborough in Victoria, Australia’s South East. They take great pride in leading a group of experts at Mt Hira who are dedicated to making sure that each kid has the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual assistance they require to succeed throughout their school years and beyond.

Landscaped gardens, cutting-edge athletic and academic facilities, a sizable library, computer and science labs, shady outdoor areas, a theater room, and a cozy common area for Year 12 students make Mt Hira College aesthetically stunning. With recently upgraded computer labs, iPads, laptops, projectors, and smartboards throughout the Senior, Middle, and Junior schools, Mount Hira also offers an excellent level of ICT integration.

Moreover, Mt Hira College’s cutting-edge Early Learning Center debuts in 2021. (ELC). In collaboration with families and in compliance with the National Quality Standard, the National Early Years Learning Framework, and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, the center’s objective is to offer all children with exceptional early childhood education and care.

They provide excellent teaching and learning programs in the eight learning areas of English, mathematics, science, humanities, technologies, the arts, health and physical education, and languages other than English while adhering to the Australian Curriculum (Years F–10) (with the options of Turkish and Arabic).

Additionally, they provide a variety of electives and the chance for Year 10 pupils to begin VCE coursework early (i.e. accelerated VCE). They also provide a variety of extracurricular activities, such as the Building Bridges in Schools program, which fosters interfaith communication and enhances understanding across cultures, as well as public speaking and athletic initiatives.

A wide variety of VCE subjects are offered at Mount Hira College, where the VCE curriculum is good and the teachers are well qualified and committed. They offer VCE students extracurricular activities, after-hours assistance, wellness programs, and other services as required. Also, participation in VCE programs managed by outside organizations that are intended to promote students’ academic progress is encouraged and supported.

To meet the different academic and emotional needs of their pupils, they have a committed and experienced Wellbeing Team on campus that includes professional counselors, speech pathologists, and support staff. Moreover, Mt Hira has a wonderful staff made up of talented and motivated individuals with an exceptional student-teacher ratio.

Mt. Hira is a very multicultural school, and it welcomes students from all backgrounds and religions. This special method offers Australian schools around the country a real example of tolerance and acceptance. Everyone is treated with respect and made to feel like they belong at Mount Hira. This welcoming environment helps pupils develop their sense of self and self-worth and motivates them to act sincere and authentically.


Mt Hira College is a monument to the genuinely ambitious and motivated community that it so appropriately embodies, having grown from its modest beginnings of 20 founding students and a few temporary classrooms. Mt Hira is proud of its extraordinary growth and multicultural variety and is grateful to the visionaries who founded the Keysborough Turkish and Islamic Community.

While many of the early members of Mt Hira College are still actively involved today, they pay tribute to the people in their community who helped turn what was once only a dream into a vibrant reality. One of the best examples of never giving up, being kind, and cooperating with others to succeed is Mount Hira College.

Each and every student should be pleased to know that they contributed to the realization of a dream that will inspire future generations of students. The College also takes pride in its heritage’s connection to the Turkish and Islamic population. The vision keeps going.

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