Saint Mark’s Primary Catholic School

Saint Mark's Primary Catholic School

The parish’s motto is “Growing Together,” and by cooperating with families and the parish in the spirit of the gospels, they give their pupils meaningful education and real-world experiences in modern learning environments.

Academic success is encouraged and valued, and a balanced, personalized curriculum with a significant emphasis on student wellbeing is offered. A sense of identity and a sense of belonging are instilled in their students by being a part of a loving Christian community.

The faculty at St. Mark’s is dedicated to offering students a rigorous curriculum that challenges them. The curriculum aims to involve students in their learning through flexible groupings and emphasizes giving them the tools they need to monitor and evaluate their own learning with the help of the teacher.

The teachers collaborate to create an environment where students may make a difference for themselves while simultaneously participating in high-quality professional development.

From Foundation (Prep) through Year 6, all classrooms have undergone renovations and updates to create a unified learning environment. Their classrooms have places that are suited for individual, small group, whole class, and collaborative learning. A library, inquiry and STEM (Scientific, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) space where kids may engage in coding and technology and science activities, an art room and kitchen facilities, multimedia facilities, and a seminar room are all included in their purpose-built resource center.

Physical education, performing arts (which include theatre, dance, and music), Japanese art, inquiry / STEM, and technology / coding are among the special subjects (accredited eSmart school).

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden, the Coding Club, the Lunchtime Games Club, piano, keyboard, guitar, and ukulele lessons, after-school art workshops, lunchtime and after-school dance and sport programs are just a few of the extracurricular activities that students have access to.



Since everyone in the community is viewed as a lifelong learner, they work to create a setting where they can:

  • foster good self-esteem so that everyone believes they are valuable, capable, deserving, and capable of succeeding at their own rates of development.
  • have sequential programs that are intended to fit the needs of the learner and are regularly evaluated to ensure engagement through learner-based and focused instruction
  • They have access to high-quality resources that are sufficient to satisfy the requirements of all learners, and are exposed to a range of experiences, including various instructional approaches, styles, and role models.
  • Students have the chance to put new understandings into practice, and students are able to keep track of and evaluate their own progress.
  • Recognize one another’s abilities, skills, and accomplishments by providing suitable comments.
  • Students are exposed to a wide range of stimulating and engaging learning scenarios, such as cooperative engagement with others in adaptable groups, relevant to the work at hand.
  • be given the chance to employ contemporary technology to improve learning



Their classrooms have places that are suited for individual, small group, whole class, and collaborative learning. The Contemporary Learning Area at St. Mark’s Foundation was finished in time to receive the 2013 Prep students. Large learning areas, updated furniture, interactive whiteboard/tables, indoor restrooms, a small amphitheatre, pin boards from floor to ceiling, and a media display unit with a screen outside the classroom area that shows the students’ daily work and information are all included in the school. The kids have relished taking part in this stimulating learning environment. The architectural layout and the inviting classroom environment have received overwhelmingly positive parent evaluations.


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