Tirhatuan Park

Tirhatuan Park

Tirhatuan Park is a gorgeous open space park situated in Dandenong North. This park forms a portion of the Dandenong Creek plant corridor, providing significant habitat for our native flora and fauna. The Dandenong Creek bicycle and walking trail meanders throughout the relaxing natural surrounds of the 20 hectare park, which comprises two lakes, a wetland, boardwalks and gorgeous bushland.

Tirhatuan Park is home to the endangered Plains Grassy Wetland Ecological Vegetation Class that offers habitat for all species of plants, birds and insects, such as the endangered Latham’s Snipe (Gallinagi hardwickii) which visits the playground from Japan every year. To learn more on fauna and flora see the Native Plants and Plants webpage. The walk begins and finishes in the Tirhatuan Park carpark, picnic and playground area. On the left of the toilet block, the gravel trail leads you along with Dandenong Creek. A brief way along pick the route to a right. Just a little way along this route, turn left and you’re currently on a boardwalk on a small wetland area. There’s a seat here for one to sit quietly and place the birds, frogs and insects around you.

Turn right on the boardwalk as it heads towards the bigger of the 2 lakes. The sculpture inside the lake is named Water Kite, also reflects one of many enjoyable activities to do in the playground. Proceed along the road as it circulates round the cover of the park, via an open grassy part of this park. Further along this paved route there’s another playground to perform . Stop here or keep on. Up ahead is the lake using a jetty so that you can get right up close to the numerous birds that reside here. Afford the trail beyond another wetland area before going back into the picnic area.

There’s an ample picnic area with sheltered tables and seats, drinking fountains, BBQs, a bathroom block. The park boasts two playgrounds. 1 next to the picnic place, another is across the playground.

Dogs are allowed but must stay on a lead. There’s a sizable off-leash place for dogs to run in. . Tirhatuan Park at Dandenong North forms a part of the Dandenong Creek plant corridor, providing significant habitat for indigenous fauna and flora. The park comprises two lakes, a wetland, boardwalk and bushland, the walk also takes from the Dandenong Creek in addition to views into the Police Road Retarding Basin. This region supports important stands of Swamp Scrub and remnants of Swampy Woodland in addition to significant flora and fauna such as fish and a wide selection of frogs and birds. Tirhatuan park is a great foundation for bicycle rides or more walks into neighboring Jells Park. There are just two walks – one takes 40 mins and another takes approximately 75 mins.

Track surface: Horizontal; dirt and bitumen paths; approx 100 m of irregular dirt trail approx. Reverse Oliver Court to see Dandenong Retarding Basin and Wetlands

Best period: couple months when wetlands are filled with temperatures and water not so hot. This playground has limited colour.

Threats: There aren’t any protective fences across the road close to the wetlands and or round the children’s playgrounds so oversight of children constantly is advised. Snakes could be present during peak seasons (October–May), prevent walking off the road. This playground has limited colour. Even the Dandenong Creek Trail is shared with bicycles, take good care.


Choice 1: Wetland and Lake Circuit – approximately 40 minutes return in a leisurely rate.

Choice 2: Wetland and Lake Circuit and Dandenong Creek into Oliver Ct, together with views into the Police Road Retarding

Basin – approximately 75 minutes reunite at a lively pace.

Walking Info:
Choice 1: Wetlands and Lake Circuit Walk

1. From the car park head to the left of the toilet block to locate the Dandenong Creek Trail. Turn righ (maintaining the River on your left and follow this route.

2. You may walk past bushland full of birds and encounter a minor trail to the right. Take this track to the boardwalk.

3. In the plank walkturn left to head upon the grass to the lake.

4. Walk round the lake, keeping it on the right and blowing paths off to your left. Make care to go until the oceans edge to check out the creatures and plants.

5. Upon approaching the next lake you may encounter a little trail to the right leading into the boardwalk struck at step two. Simply take this track to learn more about the next lake more carefully and turn left once you re-encounter the Dandenong Creek primary route which can take you straight back into the car park. OR proceed ahead as a brief cut back into the car park.

6. From the car park you might desire to continue onwards (after the Dandenong Creek Trail ) – Walk Choice 2.

Choice 2: Wetlands Lake and Circuit Walk and Dandeonong Creek Route

1. After finishing Walk Choice 1, in the car park turn right onto the Dandenong Creek Trail keeping the Creek on the rightside.

2. Follow this path through the trees alongside the creek and turn right at the very first intersection.

3. Continue along this route as it moves by horse paddocks on the rightside. Proceed through the gates that indicate the Northern entrance of this park (Police Rd) and turn right back on the road at the conclusion of a little car park.

4. Follow this route maintaining the paddocks in your right and homes on the leftside.

5. After a few hundred meters you will find a narrow dirt trail resulting in the right. Follow this path to the half way stage to consider in the opinions of the Police Road Retarding Basin (an area of ecological significance).

6. Return the way you came back into the car park in Tirhatuan Park.

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