Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is the best and most trusted Car Removals Company in Melbourne region.

Every car has its ending, dumping your old or scrap car will just take space in your garage, but selling it to Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars can save you time and space with Cash in your hand. Unlike other car removals & car wreckers companies who ask you for money just to tow your vehicle, we never charge for moving your useless car from any location, but pay you top cash on the spot.

Selling your Unwanted or Damaged vehicle online could be time wasting especially if you sell it privately or even on sites where it’s hard to find genuine car buyers. Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars provides solutions for all your car selling needs. With our 3 simple steps, you can get your car removed for free & get the worth of cash for it. Don’t wait to evaluate your car now.

Selling your used car is very easy. Simply follow the 3 Step Process and receive cash for your vehicle on the spot.

  • Step 1 – Call or Get Online Quote
  • Step 2 – Get Value for Your Vehicle
  • Step 3 – Pickup with Cash

Melbourne Auto Dismantlers: Instant Money for Your Scrap vehicle

  1. Our wreckers take the cars in Melbourne even if you have lost the title. Getting a new vehicle title is an expensive move, and if you don’t have one, then it’s a big problem. Fortunately, some Melbourne auto dismantlers are willing to buy it from you even if you have lost the title.
  2. We also offer an instant quote. Some wreckers have a rather complicated process before they give you a quote. Others simply require you to click a link or call a number, and the process is immediate. For example, some wreckers just need you to indicate the year, make, and model, along with the overall condition. Some questions about the ownership will also be asked.
  3. And there are also wreckers who won’t even ask for your email address or phone number, or even for your name for that matter.
  4. We offer free towing. Some wreck car buyers insist that you get the wrecked car to them, and that means you’d have to find a towing service first to deliver the car. Some offer a towing service, but then you’d pay a fee. Your best option is one which offers a free towing service, so you don’t have to pay for anything at all.


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