AMES Australia

AMES Australia

AMES Australia has been helping migrants and refugees to settle in Victoria for 60 years. AMES Australia is more than just a language school. They work alongside new arrivals and the community, government and business to create sustainable settlement solutions that will benefit the entire Victorian community.

AMES Australia offers a wide range of services to assist migrants and refugees. These services include support for refugees and migrants upon arrival, English language and literacy education, vocational education, training and employment services. These services are provided mainly through the following federal or state contracts:

  • Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP).
  • Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS)
  • Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).
  • Skills for Education and Employment (SEE Program)
  • Skills first
  • Jobactive

AMES Australia has the unique ability to deliver all these programs simultaneously, giving them a unique view of their clients’ journeys. This gives them insights that enable them to create individual client paths and adapt or create bridging programmes between core services.

They offer services from 18 major Melbourne locations.

AMES Australia History

AMES Australia began as a humble teaching agency for English and has since grown to become Australia’s leading settlement agency. It serves over 50,000 clients per year.

Their organisation was established in 1951. Its predecessors were hundreds of teachers who gave their time to help thousands of post-war European immigrants settle in Australia.

They have grown in number and expanded their services over the years.

They have been at forefront of social change and supported newcomers as they began to make a difference in their communities. They witnessed the rise of multiculturalism, a term they were unfamiliar with in the 1970s. However, they now accept it as a fair description of Australia’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

AMES Australia’s story is in many ways a story of multiculturalism and post-war immigration.

Over 7 million people have moved to Australia from 180 countries since 1945. The 2016 census data showed that almost half of Australians (49%) were born overseas, or had one or both parents who were born abroad.

AMES Australia played an important role in the successful settlement of hundreds of thousands of newcomers with their wide range of settlement, English language, and employment services.

They have a unique strengths-based approach that allows them to settle successfully. This recognizes and harnesses the resilience and strengths of migrants and refugees, and puts them in a great place to tackle the new environments and challenges ahead.

They are proud of their past, their accomplishments and the ongoing contributions they make to the lives of their clients and the wider Australian community.


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