Public holidays are eagerly awaited by many people in Melbourne, Victoria, as they offer a chance to relax, spend time with loved ones, and perhaps even make significant purchases. One common query that arises during public holidays is whether car yards are open for business. In this article, we will explore the practices and policies regarding car yards on public holidays in Melbourne, Victoria, and provide useful information for those looking to buy or browse for a car during these special occasions.

Understanding Public Holidays in Melbourne, Victoria

Before delving into the status of car yards on public holidays, it’s important to understand the public holiday landscape in Melbourne, Victoria. The state of Victoria recognizes several public holidays throughout the year, including New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Queen’s Birthday, Melbourne Cup Day, and Christmas Day. Some public holidays may vary depending on the year or may have additional regional holidays.

General Practices of Car Yards on Public Holidays

1. Closure on Major Public Holidays

On most major public holidays, including New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, and Christmas Day, car yards in Melbourne, Victoria, typically remain closed. These holidays are widely observed across the state, and most businesses, including car dealerships, choose to give their employees time off to celebrate or spend time with their families.

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2. Exceptions: Easter Monday and ANZAC Day

While most car yards are closed on Easter Monday, it’s worth noting that some dealerships may choose to open on this day. Easter Monday falls during a time when many people are on holidays and may have more free time to visit car yards. Similarly, some car yards may open for a limited time on ANZAC Day, often after the commemorative services have taken place.

Public Holiday Trading Rules and Regulations

1. Easter Sunday and Christmas Day

Car yards, along with most retail businesses in Melbourne, Victoria, are prohibited from trading on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. These regulations are in place to ensure that workers have a designated day off to observe these religious holidays.

2. Penalty Rates and Employee Entitlements

When car yards choose to open on public holidays, they are required to pay their employees penalty rates, as mandated by the relevant industrial awards or enterprise agreements. This compensation acknowledges the employees’ sacrifice of working on a public holiday and helps to protect their rights and entitlements.

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Alternative Options for Car Shopping on Public Holidays

1. Online Research and Enquiries

Even if car yards are closed on public holidays, prospective buyers can still explore their options by conducting online research. Many car dealerships have websites that provide detailed information about their inventory, pricing, and services. Additionally, online enquiry forms or contact details allow interested individuals to reach out to the dealership and make inquiries about specific vehicles.

2. Visit Car Yards Before or After Public Holidays

If a public holiday falls during a weekend or close to a weekend, car yards might extend their operating hours on the preceding or subsequent days. It is advisable to check with individual car yards regarding any variations to their regular opening hours during these periods.


While car yards in Melbourne, Victoria, are typically closed on major public holidays, there may be exceptions on certain occasions, such as Easter Monday or limited hours on ANZAC Day. Understanding the public holiday trading rules and regulations, as well as alternative options for car shopping, can help prospective buyers plan their vehicle purchase effectively. Remember to check individual car yard websites or contact them directly to gather accurate information about their opening hours during public holidays. Happy car shopping and enjoy the public holidays in Melbourne, Victoria!


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