Belvedere Aged Care

Belvedere Aged Care

The location is in Melbourne’s south east the boutique hotel provides a relaxing and comfortable living space for your loved ones and you. The facility is situated in Noble Park’s residential streets that are lush the friendly secure and safe environment is designed to offer the highest level of services and care that is that is tailored to your requirements. Their caring and attentive staff offer 24/7 treatment so that you can pursue your independence in confidence.

Relax in their bright, natural and large residence, surrounded by 3 peaceful garden areas, modern facilities, and communal spaces that are designed to encourage new connections among residents. Choose between their shared, single and couples’ accommodation options for permanent or temporary care.

They are proud of their diverse and vibrant communities. Enjoy the things you love by engaging in a variety of custom activities for groups, individuals and communities that focus on religious, cultural and other activities.

From their families to yours, we welcome you Belvedere Aged Care.

You can expect exceptional care that is tailored to your requirements and preferences.

They believe in small pleasures and doing what you are passionate about.

Residents can choose from a variety of lifestyle, personal and exercise options in addition to their needs for care. Individual choices and preferences are taken into consideration and each resident or family member is informed about the things they cherish and want to keep.

Together with the regular review of health status and the care plan, and as part of the broad array of services residents have the chance to adjust their services according to their lifestyle and health requirements. With additional services, residents have the opportunity to avail an array of individual services.

Belvedere Aged Care Noble Park is a family-owned and operated home for the elderly that is committed to providing the best. They provide a warm welcoming and pleasant environment that makes residents feel secure and safe. Management and staff provide top standards of care. They are respectful compassionate, loving and caring.

Belvedere Aged Care is committed to the health of its residents by maintaining and ensuring their community connection. They provide volunteer opportunities for both community and individual groups to help improve the social and emotional wellbeing.

To ease the transition to the aged-care system, Belvedere Aged Care recognises the significance of community connection and encourages these relationships to last. Social and spiritual integration is an integral part of their holistic strategy that aims to ensure that their residents enjoy positive interactions with the outside community, alleviating the social isolation they feel and increasing their self-esteem and identity.

They also encourage a range of volunteers to build bonds with residents of the area through different activities and events.


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