Bright Moon Buddhist Society

Bright Moon Buddhist Society

Bright Moon Buddhist Society was established in the year 1980 from humble beginnings by a small group of Buddhists who were fervent. They used a garage located in Springvale, Victoria, as an area for prayer and singing Buddhist Scriptures as well as a centre of Buddhist activities.

With an increasing number of Buddhist devotees coming together in the hall of the Masonic Centre in Abbotfords was hired as a temporary venue to gather for prayer. With their help and advice, the support of the community, the Management Committee was formed to advance the goals of the society as well as develop a plan for a permanent location for worship and Buddhist activities.

In 1991, under the blessings from Lord Buddha along with members of the Sangha congregation, as well as the sincere gratitude, kindness and generosity from Buddhist devotees, both past as well as present Management Committee Members, Community Staff members, leaders and their supporters the former complex for sports located at Springvale South was purchased for A$660,000. Its area is 17,350 square metres (4.28 acres). The current sports hall, which was renovated in minor ways were converted to the present Dharma Hall and prayer areas for use for a limited time period, while the construction of a newly constructed Buddhist Temple Complex is being designed and constructed.

The proposed structure is the traditional Buddhist Temple architecture incorporated with the old Chinese Imperial Palace style.The main Temple Building will house the three Buddhas’ Statues of the Three, which include the Amitabha Buddha, Sakyamuni Guatama Buddha and the Medicine Buddha, at the back of the complex.

Its Arch Gateway at the entrance to the complex will lead you to the shrine located in the middle. It is made up of an image that depicts Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Yin and an edifice. The complex will also have a library recreational rooms, and spaces to receive Buddhist instruction and teachings in addition to additional modern facilities, a car parking area, and stunning Chinese landscaping. There is a plan for a Pagoda Tower to be built in the near future.

The soon-to-be-completed Buddhist Complex is a significant occasion that demonstrates the ongoing expansion of Buddhism in order to spread Peace, Tolerance and Harmony in Australia. It will permit both Buddhists as well as non Buddhists to understand more about Buddhism and Chinese Culture.

They do invite People of All Faiths to visit and admire the stunning architecture, and also to know something about Buddhist religion.

They currently have a no-cost Vegetarian Lunch on Sundays at noon for everyone.

They call on all friends, Buddhists and well-wishers, to contribute in a generous way towards the Building Fund as well as earning Good Karma.


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