Emerson School

Emerson School
Emerson School opened in February 1973, located in Dandenong. The school’s purpose was to cater for secondary and primary students with mild intellectual disabilities. The enrolment limit had been set for 144. The ceiling was reached in 1979. The school’s initial name used to be Dandenong Special School. In 1983 it was clear that the School Council was of the belief that this name had a negative impact on expectations and attitudes of the community. There was a great deal of pride that the name change to Emerson School was officially approved on April 2nd 1984 at the Office of the Place Names Committee (Department of Crown Land and Survey). Emerson School was given the name Emerson School in honour of Les Emerson, The Director of Special Services, Department of Education beginning on March 4th, 1968 to his departure date on 18th July 1976.

Since 1993 the term “Specialist School” was introduced to express the nature of the work that Specialist Schools could do to encourage the development of the capabilities and abilities of all students with extra learning needs. It’s amazing to see the way that students from Specialist Schools are now ‘spring-boarding into work and further training at an incredible rate. One of the most striking examples is that 155 out of the 215, 18-year graduates who graduated from Emerson School over the last six years are employed or in training programs.

The popularity of the educational programs in the Emerson School gathered momentum in the 1990’s. The school had an enrollment of 200 in 1995 which was prior to that, beyond the dreams of even the most ardent of special teachers. The rate of growth was unabated, with an enrollment of 300 students being achieved in 2003. The figure of 400 achieved in 2013. The total number of students is 2,200. have taken up a course at Emerson over the course of its 40-year time span.

It’s wonderful to be a part of the Emerson learning environment where students as young as five-year-olds are learning to maximize their ability to learn, and those who are the 18-year-olds are beginning to develop an innate sense of self-confidence and personal determination. Emerson has built a stellar image for their vocational studies, which include the following choices.

  • Child and Aged Care Studies
  • Essential Food Studies
  • Multi Media Studies
  • Retail and Manufacturing Studies
  • Automotive Studies
  • Building and Construction Studies
  • Food and Hospitality Studies
  • Horticultural Studies
  • Sport and Recreation Studies

Emerson is happy to be a part of the 100 years of developing special educational programs in Victoria. On paper, the school is a place for students who have mild disabilities. In actuality, they are unlocking the talents and abilities of students previously unaware of their capacity to be a part of their community. The school operates now in two campuses and its capacity to provide services to the students of Victoria has greatly improved.

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In Emerson School they are committed to unlocking the potential in each student. This idea has really been a reflection of the spirit and the core of the school. In many ways they are an admissions school that students must take an exam in order to earn and eligibility. After enrolment is achieved and are eligible for admission, they begin the scholarship path where they override previous evaluations of their capabilities.


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