How we dispose cars after we buy from our customers?

We, Melbourne VIP cash for cars are in the business of buying cars from customers all around Victoria. We cover all the suburbs including south eastern suburbs, eastern suburbs, northers suburbs, western suburbs, mornington & peninsula, Melbourne CBD and more. It doesn’t matter where our customers reside, we do car removal on the same day and pay you on the same day, no questions asked.

When we are buying from you, not only we are buying running cars, but also we purchase old, junk and scrap cars from our customers. Even if you vehicle is not running, don’t worry, we have you covered. And not only cars, we buy vans, 4WDs, utes, trucks and buses as well.

So how do we dispose those scrap and junk cars which are not in running condition? First we tow them away from you for free and take those cars into our scrap yard. Then unload the vehicle and start our stripping process.

With our stripping process, we strip down your car compartmentalise it’s components. First we remove all the seats and other inside accessories. Then we use the car for metal recycling purposes and dispose to our metal recycling partners.

We are doing all the car disposing in an environmentally friendly way. Our processes are all handled by qualified technicians with years of experience. And we have all the relevant council permits to carry out these processes.

With over 10 years of experience in the cash for cars and car removal industry in Melbourne, Australia, we are the go to experts to remove your cars effectively and efficiently.

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