Inspire Early Learning Journey

Inspire Early Learning Journey

There are a variety of options that parents have in early education, it is difficult to make the right choice regarding their kids. The right location for your child’s new home isn’t an easy job. INSPIRE ELJ is dedicated to providing the most ideal educational environment that is ‘home-like’ where your child is safe and secure at their disposal. They take pride in providing the highest quality and unique Montessori program for parents and the community. The Montessori methodology and its philosophy of teaching ensure a high quality early preschool education that is incorporated in the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian National Quality Standards. The Montessori method and philosophy allows their students to enjoy their learning experience, with organized hands-on learning and to enjoy their engaging and meaningful surroundings. Their staff is built on their enthusiasm, knowledge and commitment to adhere to their beliefs and principles. Their staff members are frequently receiving Montessori and EYLF (Early years Learning Framework) training and professional growth. They invite families to take an appointment today to learn more about their unique programs and the reasons parents pick their services.

Inspire Early Learning Journey is an independent company located in the middle of Melbourne providing top-quality services, professional facilities, and the most high-quality learning programs. The highly trained teachers are committed to early childhood development. This is accomplished by creating an individual and customized curriculum that incorporates Montessori as well as The Australian Early Years Framework (EYLF). They are leading the way in advanced learning methods and have a unique environment that is different from other. They are among the very few early learning centers that offer these techniques to their students.

They are proud of their ability to create an environment that is nurturing and helps to build the foundations for the beginning years of a child’s existence. Their involvement in the community revolves around being inclusive of every learning ability throughout the development phase that includes but is not only communications and cognitive abilities as well as health and wellbeing.

They encourage families to embrace a lifelong educational approach, in the process of demonstrating the notion that their children should have the best beginning in life and the multitude of opportunities for their future career.

Created by Italian doctor, Maria Montessori, this style of education focuses on the mental, emotional physical, social and requirements of children. Montessori Early Learning is a self-paced learning that includes hands-on exercises as well as collaborative play, which helps children make informed choices in their learning. With the help of teachers in the classroom, Montessori early years learning includes age-appropriate games for children to play in groups and on their own, to discover their worldview and develop their full potential.

Who was Maria Montessori?

Italian doctor Maria Montessori was a pioneer of early childhood theories. education that are being implemented in Montessori schools across the world.

What is Montessori Education?

Montessori is a system of learning that is built on self-directed learning that involves hands-on education and play. In Montessori classes, children make their own decisions about their education, as the classroom and teacher provide activities that are appropriate for their age to guide their learning. Children are in groups and independently to gain knowledge about the world and to maximize their potential.

It was developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori, this style of learning is centered around the emotional, cognitive physical, social, and emotional requirements of children. Montessori Early learning is a method of self-paced learning that incorporates hands-on activities as well as collaborative play, which helps children make informed choices in their learning. With the help of teachers in the classroom, Montessori early years learning offers age-appropriate activities that allow children to collaborate in groups, as well as on their own, to discover their worldview and discover their full potential.

The advantages of Montessori learning

If children are given the ability in making choices and make their own choices, they develop stronger, and with greater optimism and confidence. Montessori early years education gives the opportunity for children ask questions and explore as part of their education. This assists them in learning to think critically at the age of a child. Collaboration in play is a key aspect of learning, while emotions are nurtured to increase understanding, respect and knowledge. Instead of simply teaching children about information, Montessori learning supports children in gaining knowledge on their own.

The main difference between regular and Montessori education

The Montessori approach values each child as an individual and recognizes that all children have different learning styles. Through accommodating different ways of learning, children can learn at their own pace, with an individual educational plan. Classrooms are designed to be an intimate and supportive group, usually accommodating students of different ages in order in order to create a home-like atmosphere in which older children become teachers for children in the younger years and younger children are able to take lessons from their elders. The advantages of Montessori education are that children can have a sense of freedom and control within the limitations. The benefits of a Montessori education can make learning enjoyable and fun for children, and aids in turning the process of learning into a continuous practice.

Montessori classroom design

When you first set into a room specifically designed for early Montessori learning, you’ll notice the impact. Separating the space of the classroom helps focus learning. The Montessori learning space is divided into 5 areas:

  • Language field
  • Sensorial zone
  • Maths and Maths subject
  • Cultural studies section
  • Practical life-span

The Montessori classrooms are natural and focus on natural elements and natural light over synthetic materials. In contrast to a typical classroom it isn’t a central focus point, with desks that face only one direction. Students are encouraged to pick the subject they wish to focus on, and each zone is designed to encourage the most efficient use of the resources within.

Is early learning in the Montessori style the right choice for you child?

Montessori education has been taught in classrooms for more than 100 years. Classroom interactions in Montessori between students and teachers, as well as the students are friendly affectionate, loving and loving. The techniques taught are practical and emotional, which help children become adults who are motivated by their own efforts and possess an interest in learning. The advantages of learning with Montessori are helping your child become someone who is flexible and creative in their daily lives, who is concerned regarding the wants of other people and who can demonstrate respectful and proper behavior within the world of everyday living.

A style of education with demonstrated effectiveness

When you are a child of the Montessori school, your child will soon feel part of a larger community in the classroom, and in everyday life too. The serene and caring setting of the Montessori classroom is ideal for helping your child adapt to the new method of learning and thrive. If you’re seeking a method of education with proven results They suggest you get in touch with the company via Inspire Minds to discuss how their approach to education will be beneficial to your child. Change the way you teach your child, and assist them experience the benefits from Montessori learning.


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