Kingswim Dingley

Kingswim Dingley

Kingswim is thrilled you’ve chosen to come visit us! We’re grateful to the many families from across Australia who have recommended Kingswim and you might have seen a bit of information about Kingswim already… however, Kingswim would love to meet you in any case.

They’re specialists in teaching children to swim. They’ve been doing this for over 30 years and have given over 14 million swimming lessons.

They train tiny toddlers to big kids offering programs for babies at 12 weeks all the way to advanced level swimmers.

They offer a dedicated learning to swim space, which includes specially designed learning areas including graded depths of the pool and lengths of lane. They offer warm water, temperature of the deck, impeccable conditions of the water, as well as family-friendly changing rooms that all aid in providing a pleasant experience for parents and children.

The programs they offer are offered through Swim Australia accredited All of their instructors hold national-recognized qualifications. In addition to their decades of expertise, you can be sure that their programs are current appropriate and accredited.

They provide regular feedback and review to ensure that all children are able to learn and advance at their own speed. This can include moving children to the next stage according to when they’re ready and not only during breaks when term is in.

They offer easy payment by the month rates This means that you’re not tied to any contract with a fixed term. They believe you’ll be delighted with the results and want to remain!

They’ve assisted a variety of families during their time. They’re aware of everything that they could do in order to make the vital swimming skill an enjoyable and memorable experience for kids and parents alike. It could be noticing the first-time flusters’ and offering some comfort, aiding poor Mum to carry a few items when she is struggling to not be an eight-legged octopus or recognizing when a child is in need of a little more focus, they can help you as well!

It’s the small actions they take both inside and outside of the pool that makes the difference. We’ll discuss you! Contact the team via chat via phone, email, or live chat to discuss your requirements or arrange a no-cost initial session.


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