Springvale Dental Clinic

Springvale Dental Clinic

Springvale Dental Clinic offers a variety of implant, cosmetic and restorative procedures. The most modern dental technology is utilized to create a relaxing and stress-free environment that focuses on providing personalized care to patients. Their staff brings charm and warmth to the dental chair employing cutting-edge techniques and a sense of humor to improve the health and overall health. They’re also the location to visit for Wisdom Teeth extraction.

Accept dental vouchers issued by public health services (Victorian dental plan and the Child Dental Benefits Schedule). The dentists they employ speak English, Greek, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Arab, Malayalam, Urdu and Malay and Tagalog. They also work well for children!

A Clean & Safe Practice

Do you fret about the cleanliness of your dentist’s practice? They are aware of your concerns and that’s why they go over and beyond Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommended standards for a tidy and secure dental practice. They have a special area equipped with the latest sterilization technologies which ensures that every instrument is cleaned and cleaned prior to your appointment. The room is also cleaned between patients to let you relax.

Best Dental Experience

Their team of dental professionals is competent and has the experience to give you the most effective dental treatment. They will greet you with a smile and will ensure you are not waiting for more than a minimum waiting time.

Thorough Patient Consultation

They help patients make informed choices for their dental health. After taking a thorough look at your dental health they will talk to you on your treatment options and diagnosis. They also have an intraoral camera to reveal what they can see within your mouth.

They will always ensure they are informed of the medical background of your family, medications you are taking and other variables that may influence your dental treatment.

New Technologies at Springvale Dental Clinic

In order to improve the service they provide to their clients, Springvale Dental Clinic has implemented the following dental technology to improve their service to their customers.

3Shape TRIOS Dental Intraoral Scanner

Their dentists have embraced the 3Shape dental Intraoral Scanner technology and are thrilled with the results all over the entire board. It delivers high-quality impressions that are extremely precise. It aids the dentist to make a beautiful aesthetic restoration. It significantly decreases duration of the procedure, as well as adjustments and repairs. It also improves the degree of comfort when as compared to traditional techniques.

Intraoral camera

In the modern world of dental practices, an intraoral camera is a vital instrument that aids in a more accurate and accurate diagnosis. The intraoral camera captures images of your teeth inside your mouth to ensure that your dentist can spot any problems that affect your teeth, including gum disease and cavities. By using an intraoral camera, both you and your dentist are able to be able to discuss the issues that have been discovered in your teeth, as well as the potential treatment options that are most suitable for the dental issue you are experiencing. The pictures can also be used for comparing between before, during and after treatment, to determine whether the treatment is effective.

Digital X-ray

There is no longer a time where you were worried about X-rays due the harmful radiation they release. Digital X-rays are less harmful than traditional x-rays since they release less radiation. Another benefit of digital xrays are that they may be stored digitally and shared when there are referrals. This makes them easier than traditional x-rays that can only be saved physically. With a digital x-ray the dentists at Springvale are able to make an accurate and precise diagnosis and provide advice on the best treatment for you. You may also request that the dentist share the digital x-rays with another dentist or you to get an additional opinion.

Soft Tissue Laser

The treatment of soft tissue laser is a medical procedure which makes use of laser beams focused on specific regions (soft tissue) throughout the body to remove them with care without harming the surrounding tissues. In dentistry, the soft tissue lasers can be utilized in dental procedures , such as gingival contouring. The laser beam cuts gum tissue until it is in an ideal shape. The use of soft tissue lasers is a less-invasive method that does not cause much bleeding. In addition, the wounds heal quicker because there is less risk of injury caused during the procedure. This increases the comfort of patients through an elongated tone.

Amalgam filtration system

The amalgam filtering system is a device that filters out amalgam particles and other hazardous substances like mercury from being washed in water systems. In most dentistry procedures, the suction instrument is used to keep loose material and saliva away from the way of dentists to perform their job well.These harmful substances could be sucked into the public water system , and create a number of negative side negative effects over time. A system for amalgam filtration ensures that this doesn’t occur by removing the harmful substance. This makes sure the Springvale Dental clinic practices clean and safe dentistry.


Sterilization is an essential step at any dental facility to ensure that hygiene is maintained. In the Springvale Dental clinic, they utilize the most effective sterilization techniques like ultrasonic cleaning hand scrubbers as well as 2.1 bars of sterilization by pressure. The sterilization techniques ensure that hygiene standards are maintained to a high standard during the entire time you’re visiting the Springvale Dental clinic.

Nitrous oxide to provide the comfort of patients

Dental anxiety can have a negative impact on patients and may affect their dental hygiene. To ease the anxiety of dental patients, Springvale Dental clinic has made utilization of nitrous oxide for sedation. Nitrous oxide has been an extremely popular method of sedation for many dentists due to its powerful sedative qualities. In contrast to other anaesthetics oxide sedation goes beyond just ease discomfort. It also aids patients be more relaxed and comfortable throughout the dental procedure. How does nitrous oxide function? The administration of nitrous oxide involves taking in the gas with the use of a gas mask that is worn by the nostril. When the nitrous dioxide is inhaled into the lungs it is absorbed into the bloodstream, and is absorbed to the brain by neuronal cells. Once inside the brain area, nitrous oxide functions to ease pain and stimulate feelings of happiness, making patients feel happy or “high. At Springvale Dental Clinic, they try to make clients as relaxed as they can throughout each dental appointment. This is the reason they’ve created nitrous oxide for their patients’ ease. These dental technology innovations will enhance the quality of service offered to all their customers. Visit the Springvale Dental clinic today to get the best treatment for dental problems.


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