Why Cars Should Be Recycled After Their Useful Life?

Most of the object in this world have a useful life. They need to be removed, repaired or reprocessed after their useful life. And cars and all vehicles fall within this too. All the vehicles have a useful life. That’s why car manufactures in Australia or anywhere for that matter, have a warranty period in years. We have never seen any manufacturer give unlimited years, unlimited kilometres warranty on their cars. That’s because, once you have used a car for few years, their useful life is finished and needs to be scrapped. It’s good for the people and it’s good for the environment as well.

Of course there are some classic cars we have seen in Melbourne which was made in early 1960s or 1950s which is still in running condition. But in most cases, that car does not have the same original engine or parts which were first used in 1950s. Those cars have been modified, reprocessed, upgraded to stand the test of time.

Unlike those classic cars, most vehicles which were manufactured after 1990, doesn’t have that classic car appeal. They will not sell for thousands of dollars, just because they are old. Most of them will have to be scraped in order to reduce the carbon footprint here in Melbourne.

What are the benefits of scrapping your car with Melbourne VIP cash for cars?

When we buy your old car, we will make sure your car is being scrapped and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way. We would wreck your car first and get only the parts which are still in a usable condition. After that your junk car will be recycled. We divide your car into different elements and recycle them separately. For example, the metal parts will be recycled separately and the plastic will be recycled separately.

Another major benefit from Melbourne VIP cash for cars is that we pay the highest amount for your scrap car anywhere in Melbourne, Victoria. While some try to charge you expenses such as towing fee and removal fee for disposing your car, we simply pay you money. And all our pickups will be free of charge for you. We believe in paying our customers the best amount possible.

Do we pay the same amount if you try to sell your car privately?

The answer to that question is, it depends. Most of the time, if you want a hassle free removal of your old car, we are the way to go. We pay you money on the same day and tow your car away. But if you want $5,000 for a car which is only worth $500 in scrap, we can’t help you. You are better of trying to sell it privately. But that would be a huge headache and sometimes you will even get offer for less than what we normally pay, simply because you are trying to sell an old car, which people wants to buy rarely.

Simply put, if you are looking to scrap your car and want the money quickly, best option would be to contact us by calling or filling out the form in this website.

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