Before you get stuck in ‘where can I sell my car‘, think about ‘when can I sell my car before it’s too late?’ Having the right value at the right point of time for your right car is very important.

Here are some signs that indicate you need to sell your car immediately:

Break down-

  1. Wear and Tear

Nothing remains new forever. Since cars are complex machines, things can go wrong with them too. Many factors such as environment, dirty roads, scratches, irregular maintenance, spots, and weather can change its appearance. Not paying enough attention to its maintenance can accelerate the wear and tear. Proper care and timely service can ensure a great value when you sell it.

  1. Depreciation

Your car loses 25% of its total value once it hits the road after you purchase it. So, when you leave the showroom with your car, it’s not as new as it was there. A car depreciates the most by the end of the first year. In 5 years, your car’s value will decrease by 60%. Clearly, the earlier you sell, the more you earn. If you wait, depreciation will impact the offer price from a car dealer.

  1. New Models

After a certain period of time, manufacturers launch new car models, with safer, better, and more sustainable features. These newly launched models have better interiors, suspension, engine, and other qualities that reduce the value of its previous models. So, whenever a car manufacturer launches new models, the previous model remains only half of its overall worth. That’s how your ‘almost new car’ gets older. So, it’s better to sell your old car by searching used car dealerships in Melbourne.

  1. Insurance costs…

Uninsured Car

It’s very important to renew your car insurance, not only for your own safety but also for the return value. It is illegal to drive on public roads if you have an uninsured vehicle. You can face monetary or criminal penalties. Your driving license may get suspended. If you think that your car is losing value and don’t have car insurance, consider selling it to a used car dealership. This is the best way to sell your car if you think you can save money and time without buying an insurance policy.

  1. Change in Ownership

If you previously bought a used car and now want to sell it, car dealers like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars can help you receive a lucrative deal. Yes, you read that right! VIP Cash For Cars buys used cars of any make or model. They evaluate your car within 15 minutes and pay you on the spot if you agree to the buy price.

The above-mentioned points are signs that indicate it’s the right time to sell your car. Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is the best option to sell your car hassle-free.  We serve you the best way possible and provide the finest deal in the market.  No games.  We don’t dock you for not having a 2nd key or remote fob.  Dock you for not having current registration.  We don’t employ buyer fees like some companies do.  All these fees are bogus and a way to lower your vehicle’s value.  Don’t play the game…come to Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars where integrity and dependability is #1.

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