The season may seem like a strange thing to impact junk car prices, but weather is very important to the fluctuating market. Steel prices do not change based on the season, but certain variables in junk car prices do become more valuable in the winter.


It may seem counterintuitive to get rid of your winter-ready SUV as the colder months approach, but SUVs are worth a lot in the winter. First off, there is a lot of steel on an SUV. If you’re junking your car, the more steel you have, the higher price you’ll get! Plus, SUVs have a lot of valuable parts in them that can be reused in other cars. If you’re selling a car in good condition to a company that recycles the parts (like us!), then you’ll get a good value.

Winter is also a good time to sell your used SUV, as people are looking for a good winter vehicle. You may be able to get a better sale price than you would if you were selling in the summer. SUVs use more gas, so in the summer they are less desirable with higher gas prices and usage. But as the weather cools down, buyers want a vehicle that is secure on the roads and can handle snow. Gas mileage is not as important to them.


Winter is the time to sell your truck! Like SUVs, trucks have a ton of steel in them, which makes for better junk car prices. All that metal is useful for auto companies, construction, and other manufacturers. You want to ensure you’re working with a company that recycles both the steel and the parts, though. Trucks in good condition or less than 10 years can get a great price, as the truck still has parts that can likely fetch a good price.

If you’re looking to sell to a private buyer, you can get more for a truck in the winter months. Just like with SUVs, people are looking to buy winter-ready vehicles that can stand rough weather. If your car isn’t in good enough shape to resell, you can junk it to get money for the steel or take it apart and sell the parts for a profit. That is only recommended if you know what you’re doing, though. Otherwise, leave the disassembling to the experts.

Other Vehicles

Now, trucks and SUVs may be the most standard vehicles on the road, but you can also get a good hunk of cash for tractors, trailers, RVs, and more. When winter rolls around, you’re likely not using your tractor anymore. It may be time to sell!

Regardless of what vehicle you have, it’s always good to do a little digging and get some price quotes before selling. Junk car prices often fluctuate with the price of steel, so that’s a great place to start researching. And once you’re ready to sell, give us a call at (03) 9067 7578.


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