When selling a car, you don’t want to get trapped in a scam. Right? The new breed of scammers has improved these days. Once upon a time, thieves stole cars parked on the street and from garages, to chop them and sell off the parts. Now the job has become more sophisticated. The automobile scammers have now opted for a digitized way to trap soft targets.

In most cases, the prospect of theft is linked to banking and/or insurance accounts. If you are thinking to sell your car for a better price without exposing yourself to prevalent fraud, check this blog-post which shares vital information on how you can sell your car by verifying a few important steps. Take a look.

Fake websites: The whole game starts here. There is no denial of the fact that people are becoming more dependent on the Internet for completing most of their work these days. The same thing goes for the car selling process. To allure these digitalized consumers, scammers are now developing fake websites. These websites are too appealing to resist. Consumers are attracted to these sites and make a decision to proceed with the scammer

Contact Information: Since scammers are not licensed dealer’s pertinent information about them is withheld. Being proactive it’s difficult to feel 100% sure about who you are dealing with. In general, an authorized car dealer has a physical address, evidence of business licenses and certificates; rating from past customers, contact numbers, years of experience, and market reputation to satisfy the most doubtful consumer. If your dealer hides any of these elements, it’s a red flag for you.

Fake Payment Methods: The scammer posing as a dealer will try to confuse you with its counterfeit payment methods that you might not heard of. This method is all online and has you sign up to transfer money, then gets reversed. Another scheme, the scammers pose as an out-of-state buyer/dealer and send a check including the cost of shipping with instructions to ship the car to them. After you deposit their check and wire the additional amount of money to their fake transportation website, they cancel the check and you’re out the shipping cost. Yet another scam is to negotiate the price for your car and talks you into taking it and paying you with an unauthorized check. The best way to escape such blunders is to accept cash from anyone that does not have social media praise.

Cars from Previous Sellers: If you’re in the market to buy a used caryou can visit the dealership’s showroom and check out the vehicles for sale and also have them inspected by a processional. Scammers do not have such a showroom. They sell online and claim they will deliver the vehicle to you or have you meet them in a location of their advantage. A genuine dealership company would not have any problems displaying its inventory or taking a check or other payment from you. Scammers direct you to their fake sites and payment methods. Check out who you are dealing with by social media pages, complaints forums, and other online platforms to securely buy or sell your car.

Trick of Words: Marketing strategies have always helped companies improve their bottom-line. Scammers use psychology tricks, trigger words and emotion to market gullible people luring them into their scams. Do not be fooled. Go with an honest professional like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars for your used car needs. If you don’t have time to invest in searching a secure process to sell or cash for cars in Melbourne, simply contact Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars at (03) 9067 7578. We are an authorized and licensed car dealer that pays you on the spot within 15-minutes of the evaluation.  We satisfy our customers. All inquiries are welcome.


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