If you have been using your car for a long time, it’s pretty normal for you to experience some issues. It could be your ignorance of care for minor repairs or something else. Many people don’t pay attention to small issues that require thousands of dollars later in the future.

Maintaining your car in good condition is an important part of assuring you and your family is safe on the road. Besides, it helps maintain your vehicle’s value.  Here are some very common car issues that car owners experience when they don’t pay much attention:

Faulty Start

If your car takes too long to start or if you hear a clicking noise when trying to start your car, one or several systems are not functioning properly.  It’s a common problem and easy to diagnose, could be a battery, a starter or ignition system. Fixing it is crucial so that you’re not stranded on the road.

Defective Gas Mileage

The gas mileage of your car is closely associated with the maintenance of your engine. If you are not attentive, you are likely to get a faulty gas mileage. Replacement of air filters, changing the spark plug, and regular oil change will ensure that your car receives the most miles per gallon.

Electrical problems

Another common source of complaints centers around the extensive electrical systems. Electric gremlins can be infectious for any system. Failed spark plugs, blown electrical fuses, alternator troubles are some common electrical issues that should be taken care of in a timely manner.

Dead Battery

It can either be a defect, worn out or an electrical problem. New. The reason behind the battery could be many. A dead battery is a common cause of panic among the car owners. Timely repair and changing the battery after 5 years is important to keep your car functioning well to ensure you don’t get stranded

Noisy Brakes

You will notice when you hear it. Most of the time it happens when the brake pads are worn or accumulated brake dust squeals when depressing.  Other times if the brakes overheat due to excessive braking, the rotors may warp and cause vibration and brake squeal, it’s time to get new rotors and pads.  Whatever the reason leaving it to a professional is the best thing to do.

Uneven Tires

Uneven tires occur when your car’s tires come out of alignment.  This could happen if you hit a curb or something in the road that moves the alignment.  You will know when driving if the steer in wheel is off center or if the vehicle drifts into adjacent lane.  Another trick for uneven tires is visually by placing a coin in the tire tread to see if the depth is equal on all four tires.  It can be dangerous is if you leave tire maintenance unattended.  Reduced grip on the road could lead to an accident.


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