Dementia & Us

Dementia & Us

Life is measured by happiness, where old age is considered a privilege and helping the elderly is what they are. Their aim is to assist their clients to stay physically and mentally active and to ensure they are able to stay close to their loved ones in their residence. They share their extensive knowledge of this field and use innovative thinking to create the most optimal possible conditions for their clients.

In Dementia & Us they specialise with those who are seeking support and assistance to change their life. They recognize the importance of exercise that can help manage behavior and also to maintain a normal life. Their activities are aimed at stimulating the brain and strengthening the body, which impacts the well-being of people suffering from dementia. Separation can bring bitterness to them. The goal is to keep your loved ones close to you.

If someone is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, they are still able to function, even when there is the loss of cognitive abilities.

The importance of activity is in their physical and mental health. It can be a daily activity like enjoyment, simply walking through the countryside, and many other activities.

They can also modify their activities and provide any assistance required to build an atmosphere of wellbeing and autonomy. That is their goal regardless of what their physical condition might be.

They would like to tell you why the activities associated with Dementia is so crucial.

Exercise is an essential component for those with dementia providing benefits such as mental stimulation, behavioral management as well as the chance to be social. Regarding the physical advantages, exercise helps strengthen muscles, which aids in maintaining the balance of a person.

Their philosophy is holistic and includes an array of activities and a focus on the individual. It is set in a cozy environment. Meaningful engagement encourage creativity. Being able to tap into a person’s strengths can help them understand what they stand for and what’s significant to them. Engaging in meaningful and meaningful ways gives your loved ones a feeling connectedness, freedom, and freedom. Because the way people behave differs for each individual, and so do their plans, that is designed to work for all person.

When someone has Alzheimer or dementia are still able to function. the ability to function when there is an impairment in their cognitive ability.

It is essential to be active in relation to mental and physical state. It can be a daily activities like leisure, a stroll in the open air, and various occasions.

They also help to adapt to activities and provide the support necessary to achieve a sense of wellbeing and a sense of self-sufficiency that everyone strives for, no matter how physical or mental.


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