Heritage Preschool

Heritage Preschool

Heritage Preschool is a not-for-profit kindergarten operated by a parent volunteer committee. They offer high-quality kindergarten education for children during the early years prior to primary school.

Heritage Preschool was established in 1976 by parents from the local area as well as The City of Greater Dandenong. The school’s building was renovated to make an additional classroom. In the following year, they started offering 15 hours of 4 year-old kindergarten every week and they also began their 3 year-old kindergarten class. They also grew to two three-year-old groups.

There is a group of 3 year old kindergarten (22 children). There is a second group of 4 year olds in Kindergarten (up to 33 kids in each group).

The teachers develop the children with a flexible schedule that include self-directed and structured activities, group activities and snacks. The activities could comprise… These activities aid children build self-awareness, confidence and physical growth through activities such as music, paint, dancing as well as playing…

Their teachers provide reflections for families to reflect on what the children are engaged in and their educational experiences. Teachers conduct regular reviews of the children’s progress as well as their preferences, in order to design education programs that are suited to every child.

Each session, the parents or their children complete the attendance log and doors open at the time of session’s start. Carers and parents help children to settle into their new surroundings by helping them put their bags in their lockers as well as their drink and food containers on their trolley to make it easy later. In the first and fourth terms children should also put on sunscreen.

When the class the parents and their carers take the attendance form. Children are collected after their names are called out by the teacher.

Every program is planned to address the developmental and psychological needs of children. Children grow at different rates and the program is designed to cater to a variety of different capabilities.

Children also have diverse experiences, interests, and backgrounds and the curriculum will reflect this when the staff design the program to support the development of each child and the whole group.

Children learn best through playing. While they are engaged in their own activities, they are active and enthusiastic learners. It is the teachers’ job to make sure that activities are suitable for children and provide opportunities for self-direction, as well as stimulating thought.

Experiences with play provide the fundamental blocks that lay the foundation for further formal education as the child grows older.

To learn more, please visit this Department of Education and Training website or call them for information on their programs.


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