Mulgrave Primary School

Mulgrave Primary School

Mulgrave Primary School located on beautiful, large grounds with plenty of room for kids to play and play with one another. The school’s facilities have been improved over the last few years, and there is significant improvement to be made with a brand-new size stadium for competitions and a performance space.

The primary focus of the school is the teaching of to meet the individual each child’s needs and their scheduled STEM (Science Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) Program that students love immensely.

Each classroom is equipped with a television that gives teachers the ability to incite and encourage students to engage in their education. They also have a large number of computers in every classroom, as well having portable devices like netbooks, laptops, and iPads that students can use. They feel it is their obligation to provide these resources to the students they care for.

Enrollments at the school are growing each year. By 2022, they will have 20 grades and an enrollment of just 460, which includes three full grade levels across all year levels which equates to the average size of 22 students in the class. The children all participate in sports programs, and Preps are enrolled in PMP lessons (Perceptual Motor Program) to aid in the development of strong gross motor abilities, balance and other. The school has the swimming program, a camp, student leadership programs, as well as extra curricula programs, such as lunchtime activities, and the chance to study another language, namely Spanish.

In Mulgrave Primary School there is the highest priority in Literacy as well as Numeracy so that all children are taught the foundations of learning in place. They are focused on catering to specific needs of the students and are in close contact with their families throughout the journey of learning. Transition is a company that prides itself on providing a top-quality transition program that makes sure students are prepared and comfortable when embarking on their first day of schooling. Check out the section on enrolment on their website to find out more details about their 2023 Transition Program.

If you’d like to know more information on Mulgrave Primary School or would like to set up an appointment to visit, please contact the school anytime. Group tours are offered and can be arranged by contacting the office to make all inquiries.

Other times for appointments can be scheduled through consulting with their principal, Charles Spicer.

Mulgrave Primary School has vast grounds for their pupils to play on. The school offers a huge open space to play field games, including football fields with two soccer pitches as well as two hardcourts that cater for netball, basketball tennis, and many other sports. Additionally, Mulgrave Primary School has recently constructed an all-new competition netball and basketball court which will also accommodate futsal. The stadium will include an art and performing space, restrooms, and changing rooms. It is in addition to their existing facilities which contain a library an art room, STEM centre, and multi-purpose hall. Each of their classrooms is furnished with air conditioning and large screen televisions and provide every piece of technology students could ever require, including notebooks, computers, and iPads, which means there’s no requirement of bringing your own gadget!

The school also offers various playground equipment, including two new playgrounds that were recently constructed, which includes an area for sensory play. Additionally, the school’s runs track which has its unique shape from the map of Australia’s mainland features a number of fitness equipment along its 500m long path. Of course, it flows into the school’s Australiana theme, and the classrooms have “outback styled” verandas. There’s even Ned Kelly and Uluru if you know where to look. The track is marked, so you can see the capital cities on the route. They’ve not left out Tassie too, as it has been represented with a massive gum, which has a Hobart sign posted.

The most recent additions to the school include the covered outdoor learning space for the senior students which provides a secure outdoor and indoor learning environment. There is also the community garden, which is managed by students. The produce is being used for various activities for learning. The courtyard in the center is a wonderful place to gather between school and home and the volleyball rebound is in demand and they offer a shaded picnic place for students to have their time in peace. At MPS they are proud of keeping their facilities clean so that their students can enjoy the safest and cleanest areas possible. They continuously look for ways to improve their facilities.

Student wellbeing is an extremely crucial aspect of a child’s time in school. The school takes care of the well-being of students in many different ways.

It is generally accepted that successful and sustainable school interventions are most effective when a holistic approach to school is adopted. The initiatives they integrate into their curriculum are eSmart and cyber safety, as well as camp and lunchtime activities, excursions, learning environments that are positive and excellent recreation areas and the buddy system student leadership as well as public speaking opportunities. established welfare and discipline protocols that include Restorative Practice and many extra-curricular activities.

In 2016 the school was awarded an award to allow the school to employ an officer for student wellbeing. The officer will provide emotional, social and pastoral assistance to their students and families, especially those who may need specialized help.

An integrated, continuous approach to wellbeing and health is crucial to a positive student experience in learning, development relationships, and success. At MPS It is their goal to build an atmosphere of positivity that is the most supportive for their students. The way they do this is through focusing their attention on the following four important areas:

  • Inspiring students and fostering school confidence
  • Establishing expectations and encouraging inclusion
  • Health and well-being
  • Self-awareness and intellectual engagement

There are a variety of programs offered at MPS which help students be more engaged and connected to their studies. They’re partnered to The Resilience Project, which offers programs that are emotionally stimulating and provides practical, evidence-based strategies for building resilience. Students are involved in these lessons every week, in addition to performing daily emotional checks and reflections. They have created a school-wide Positive Behaviour Model as well as promoting students’ voices through a variety of programs, including the Junior School Council program and Student Leadership Program.

By creating a welcoming school atmosphere, they strive to meet students’ emotional and physical needs, and increase their empathy, awareness self-reliance, social skills, and develop.


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