The world can be a dangerous place when driving on the road, especially if your car runs into trouble. You’re stuck!  You’re not a mechanic! Right? No problem!

With a few essential tools and car equipment, you can increase the odds of survival in an unfavorable situation. This blog will enhance your knowledge when you get stuck!  Here is a list of the most functional and likely items you need for a little mechanical work.   Take a look-

Window/Seatbelt Escape Device: Undoubtedly, these escape devices can be a lifesaver. They help you to break a window if you are stuck underwater or tapped in the car. You can cut the seatbelts and escape from unexpected calamities like shortage of air, fire around, and other dangerous situations. One of the best examples of such devices is a car window breaker and seat belt cutter all-in-one device (i.e. towallmark).  This device has saved lives and helps to get you out of hazard situations in seconds.

Jumper Cables: A dead battery can disable a car. Whether you left the lights on or just a dead battery, having quick and easy access to a reliable set of jumper cables could save you or someone else from being stranded for hours. Always choose good-quality and durable heavy gauge cables to do the job.

Duct Tape: This less expensive essential tool can do magical things. From fixing interior fabric and repairing taillights and window glass, to temporarily repair busted water hose. In dire situations, taping twigs and wood together to use under slipping tires when stuck in mud and snow is a life saver.  Also used as a first aid tool.

Screwdriver Set: Do you know that simply tightening a loose screw can solve many problems? Some example of these annoying situations includes slipped hose clamp, loose battery terminal connection, and other problems under the hood. That’s why you should always have a screwdriver set in your car.

Ice Scraper: This may not seem very important for many, but it should be kept inside your car. Ice scraper helps you remove the ice from the windows and improves visibility in winter conditions. This purpose-built tool is a must in colder climates or weekend ski trips.

Tire Pressure Gauge: This tool must be used at least once a week in order to maximize the gas mileage and the life of a tire’s tread. Don’t forget to buy a dial-faced gauge than stick-type.  Change in temperature has surprising effects on tires and that’s why you should set a routine for a regular checkup. яндекс

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