Have your car collected from work, home, or wherever’s best for you! After you’ve accepted a quote for your car, your local Car Collection Dandenong branch will contact you to arrange a convenient time and date to collect your unwanted car, and answer any questions you have.

Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars aims to make Car Collection Dandenong as simple as possible for our customers, which is why every vehicle collection is arranged on a date which is mutually convenient regardless of whether the vehicle is purchased for car buyers or car wreckers in Dandenong. We’ve had dozen of questions regarding collections and you can read our answers to the most common ones below.

Where Can You Collect From?

Unwanted car for cash near me is one of the questions we get asked the most. The local Car Collection Dandenong across Melbourne region can collect from almost anywhere as long as the vehicle is accessible for a recovery vehicle. So whether your vehicle is stored at a friend or family members house, at work or in a storage compound, they can collect it.

We operate from premises in the Dandenong area and will buy cars throughout Melbourne region.

My Car Is Still At The Scene Of An Accident, Can You Collect It?

Unfortunately not. Whilst the Car Collection Dandenong can retrieve vehicles from a variety of locations they do not operate in roadside assistance and therefore cannot collect vehicles from the scene of an accident.

My Car Is Not At My Home Address.

That’s ok! Our Car Collection Dandenong can pick up vehicles from a multitude of locations. Just be sure to enter the vehicle’s postcode at the quote stage when you enter your vehicle’s details so that we can ensure that we contact relevant cash for car buyers who operate in your vehicle’s location.

Is Car Collection Dandenong Free?

Yes. All of Car Collection Dandenong on our network operate with free collections as standard and so the price you are quoted for your vehicle, is the price you will receive, subject to inspection.

Does My Car Have To Be On A Public Road?

No, however it does need to be on stable ground which is accessible for a recovery vehicle. If your car is kept elsewhere or in a particularly difficult location please ensure that we are aware so that we can advise the truck driver of your vehicle to bring the right recovery equipment to retrieve it.

What Is My Collection Reference Number?

Your reference number will be the registration number of the vehicle you are selling.

Do I Need To Be Present At The Time Of Collection?

No. As long as someone’s there at the time of collection then the collector can retrieve your vehicle. The person present doesn’t have to be the registered keeper or the legal owner of the vehicle, but they will need a signed note from the vehicle owner to state that they are there acting on their behalf together with a form of photo ID (passport or driving license).

Do You Collect commercial trucks?

Most of truck wreckers on our network collect unwanted trucks however you may need to contact us for the most accurate quote and to see if we have any cash for trucks buyer in your area.

How Soon Can You Collect My Car?

Once you have accepted a quote for your vehicle we will arrange for the collector to contact you directly. This can take up to 24 hours but is typically the same/next day. Depending on the collector’s availability this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, however our Car Collection Dandenong aims to tow away the vehicle as soon as possible and will let you know if there are any unusual delays.

I’m Not Happy With The Company Buying My Car.

If you are unhappy at any point please do get in contact by email or calling us. Please ensure when calling that you have your vehicle’s registration number to hand so that we can locate your details.


If you are in Dandenong, Victoria 3175, and looking to sell your car, below is the best way to visit us.


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Get Your Salvage Car Collected The Easy Way in Dandenong

Get Your Salvage Car Collected The Easy Way in Dandenong