Hightalk & Revive Solutions

Hightalk & Revive Solutions

Hightalk is a reputable NBN phone line and internet provider that has selected its wholesalers carefully to provide an efficient internet service and excellent quality call. Revive Solutions employ committed technicians who are experts in managing and performing the installation and maintenance for NBN Internet, NBN phone lines & the Avaya IP Office business phone system.

Hightalk & Revive Solutions are united, who help Melbourne and The Mornington Peninsula. They offer an unbeatable experience. No pointing fingers and just one phone call that will be answered by a live person in Australia to resolve any issue.

They have carefully selected employees and wholesalers who will give you the highest level of reliability and service. When you sign up with Hightalk they handle all aspects of the process. Their aim is to help you and your customers to enjoy an easy transition, regardless of whether you’re changing on to NBN as the first time or switching service. Each site is unique, and they design it to be unique at each stage. The goal they strive for when making their decisions is the least number of interruptions, while also improving the caller experience and a final result with high reliability and excellent quality calls.

They make use of the latest technology to ensure you are working. When you join Hightalk offers unlimited remote support that runs all the way to your phones.

A few words about NBN. Since NBN is owned by the Australian Government owns the NBN infrastructure, which is referred to as NBN Co it has no benefit to reliability between the providers. There are instances at the time that NBN Co first installs you’re NBN internet service, they may not do it the right way. To ensure that there is no impact to your business, at initial stages, they maintain your current internet service live. If there’s issues with the NBN Co issues, they transfer you back to the original service after repairing the issue.

When you go NBN, the main thing that will ensure high-quality internet connectivity and quality of calls is to have all the pieces correct. They have the two first pieces taken care of, the NBN phone and internet. To make the complete picture, they cannot stress enough on the significance of having a top-quality business grade modem and phone system. To clarify, going NBN means that the entire call traffic flows between your provider of phone lines and your on-site phone system as it passes through your NBN modem and internet throughout the process. When any of the above are experiencing problems, users of the phone will be able to hear it, through poor quality call. For a top-quality phone system Avaya IP Office Avaya IP Office has proven itself time and repeatedly. This is now the sole phone system that they provide and help with. They’ve carefully selected each piece of the puzzle, in order to provide you with a superior experience.

If your company already has the Avaya IP Office business phone system, they will make use of it. If not, they’ll offer one at extremely affordable prices. (See pricing examples on their homepage)

They will install and set up your NBN internet and business grade modem, and then test your devices. If you work with an IT service provider and they cooperate with them to make sure you are able to keep all necessary, IT functions.

Their aim is to provide your customers a better experience when they contact your company. They assist by customizing to your Avaya IP Office to better serve your company’s needs.

They do not have special sales personnel and an unpretentious approach to help them focus their efforts and provide excellent support and service.


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