If your car is in a condition that repairs and fixes are meaningless, you might consider scrapping and getting cash for it. But “how to scrap my car” question is still not answered. In this article, we will talk about how to and where to scrap cars while getting top cash for it.

Why Scrap Your Car?

When your car has been declared a total loss, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Selling via the private market is often a difficult undertaking. You have to put a lot of time and effort into the sales process and a potential buyer can still part with the sale halfway through.

Moving a written off car is also a problem for many private persons. People often do not want to deal with written-off cars.

Not all damaged cars are total loss, but it can happen that a repair costs more money than the car is worth. After all, for the price of some repairs, you might as well buy another car.

In practice, the sale of a damaged car to private individuals often turns out to be a difficult story. In addition to demolition cars and damaged cars, it is also possible to sell your defective car or rejected car to us.

These cars often still contain many parts and materials that are suitable for reuse and are therefore very interesting for us. In this case, scrapping your car is the best option left. You can get cash for it as well.

Sell Your Scrap Car For Cash

You can easily start selling your scrap car online. All you have to do is enter your vehicle details and give us some specifications about the car. It is important that you state exactly what damage the car has.

We would like to receive one or more photos of visible damage. That way we can get a good idea of ??the still usable parts of your car. When we have enough information, you will receive an offer from us in a matter of minutes.

We often need more information and we will contact you by telephone before we make an offer.

Where to scrap a car?

Do you like our offer? If yes, we will come to pick up your car. We offer free car removal for your convenience. We also handle all the paperwork so that you don’t have to do it. Our scrap car yard in Melbourne is providing exceptional cash for car deals in that region.

We will arrange a date and time for the pick-up that suits you. You could drive the car to our junkyard if you wanted to, but it is more convenient to use our free car removal service, then we will collect your salvage car free of charge from any location in Melbourne. Cash for your car will be paid on the spot.

What does our junkyard do?

Our junkyard focuses on dismantling cars that cannot be repaired or are no longer worth repairing. We buy cars that have been declared total loss after an accident, but you can also sell defective cars, rejected cars or damaged cars to us.

After disassembly, we sell the reusable auto parts and auto parts within our network and through our site to individuals and companies.

At Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars you can often get a nice price for a car that you can no longer sell through the private market. You can also take advantage of our excellent services, such as the free pick-up service.

What Scrap Cars Can I Sell?

We don’t care which brand or model of damaged car you want to sell to us. It is more important to us which reusable parts and materials the car still contains and what its current market value is.

That is why it is important to give us a good impression of the damage. You can do this by giving a detailed description, but we would also like to receive a photo of visible damage. That way we can make a good estimate and make you a fair and realistic offer for your damaged car.


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