Sell My Car Fast: Unless you’re a famous franchise chain, whenever you sell something, cars for cash especially, you will almost always sacrifice money in exchange for speediness. Sell my car fast can be a losing proposition. But, thankfully, it doesn’t have to be.

Look, we get it. Sometimes you need to sell your car in a rush. I need to sell my car fast can be a mantra repetitive in your head over and over and over again. You might have been in an accident and your collision damaged car is collecting heavy storage fees in some tow lot or body shop. Or, you have a junk car that has been taking up too much space for too long that you just really need to get rid of. Sometimes, you just need some extra money.

Why should your need for speed result in someone taking benefit of you and giving you way less than your car is worth?


Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars truly is here to help. We had been around for almost a decade answering the call of I NEED TO SELL MY CAR NOW!!! Whether your car is damaged, broken-down with a blown head gasket, been in an accident or just approaching the end of its useful life on the road, we will give you an cash offer. Oh, and did I mention we’re fast?


You’re obviously reading this on our website. So, call us or submit online quote form. Go ahead, give it a click. We’ll just ask you for a few details about your car like year, make, model, location and if there’s any damaged.

We will be able to give you an offer right here on the spot for free. If it works for you, just accept it, and we’ll get this whole Sell My Car Fast thing taken care of. Or, we may call you for a bit more info of your car. Not ready right now? You can always give us a call.

Once you accept our offer, we schedule a pickup with one our tow truck driver in your area. The driver hands you your cash on the spot. We do all paper-work. And, we’re done!

Sell my car fast doesn’t mean you need to lose. Try Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars where we buy cars in less than perfect condition, Melbourne-wide.

How to Sell My Car Faster


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