I Want to Sell My Car Fast! Where Can I Sell at Best Price?

Are you considering, “I want to sell my car fast” but you don’t know the right channels to sell it quickly and get the best price?

Selling a car can be quite a daunting task at times, especially when it’s your first time or the car is in imperfect condition.

I want to sell my car fast!

Selling your car fast doesn’t have to be hard, even if you’re trying to sell a scrap car.

With the right information on the various methods and options you can use to sell your car, you will know how to sell your vehicle or sell your truck in the most convenient way that’s best for you.

Sell my car for cash privately

Selling a car privately is the first option that comes to the mind of many individuals when it’s time to let go of your car. It can be a great option. Private sales will get you the highest selling price since you’re selling your car directly to the buyer who will drive it. There’s no broker. However, it can be time-consuming and risky, considering that you are dealing with strangers. When selling privately, here is a summary of what you should know…

Benefits of Selling a Car Privately

  • You will generally receive a better sale price.

Disadvantages of Selling a Car Privately

  • Can be time-consuming and requires significant effort.
  • Dealing with strangers can be risky especially at test drives.
  • You have to do the filing of the paperwork yourself.
  • Scams are rampant.

Selling a Car to Dealer

When selling a car to a dealer, you can either do it outright or via a trade-in.

Trade-In: This is the easiest way to sell your car if you are planning to buy a new or another used car from a dealership. It’s a great option when you are upgrading from your current model. Although you will apparently get less than through a private sale, the plus side of this option is that it helps you avoid the work and expenses of advertising, dealing with queries, viewings and test drives.

Selling Outright: Selling outright to a used car dealer is a pretty straightforward and relatively fast process. The price you get is based on the vehicle’s current condition and market value, so it isn’t the best value you are likely to get out there with other options. Good thing is, you can even sell your car on the exact same day.

Pros of Selling to a Dealer

  • The process is fast.
  • It’s easy and saves you from hassles (filing paperwork, planning viewings and test-drives).
  • You have a better negotiating position when you’re buying another car.

Cons of Selling to a Dealer

  • The major con here is price. You will most likely get a lower price than you would by selling privately.

Selling A Car Online via an Auction

Auctioning your car is a fast and relatively easy way of selling your car. However, there’s no guarantee that your car will reach its reserve price and therefore you may end up getting a lower price for it than with other options. You’ll also have to find the best auto auction websites out there.

Online auctions are relatively a hassle-free way of selling a used car. All you need is to advertise your car on a site with the full description and photos of the car. The sites will charge a certain posting fee as well as some fees based on the final selling price. But, they will often offer secure ways of accepting payment, which is a big plus.

Pros of auctioning your car

  • People see your listing and make an offer. No negotiation is necessary.
  • It’s fast.
  • Most of auctioneer will take care of payment.
  • Some auction companies can organise buyer financing.
  • Bidders may get carried away; inflating your car’s sale price.

Cons of auctioning your car

  • Your asking price may never be reached.
  • It costs money (the listing fee and the auction’s cut of the selling price).

Selling My Car for Cash to Melbourne VIP Cash Cars

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