How do I junk a car? This is the number one question we get from consumers. Actually, most people don’t even realize a service like this even exists. They find junk car companies because the are faced with a dilemma and search the web. Their dilemma, generally, goes something like, “Do I pay this outrageous amount to my mechanic or body shop to repair my car or just buy a new car?”

Unfortunately, this is part of a vehicle’s life cycle. Cars and trucks are meant to break down eventually. Also wrecks are called accidents for a reason, they just happen. When you find yourself in this situation it is usually not the best thing for you financially “invest” more in your older vehicle.

You would be shocked at how often an individual pays $4000+ to replace their engine and within a year their transmission goes out. Now they are looking at a $3,000+ repair bill for their transmission. They then decide to replace their transmission because they falsely assume they basically have a “brand new” car at that point. Also they feel committed to the car because of the recent investment in their engine. Often this is the wrong approach! But the dealers and repair shops love it. There is a good chance you will be nickel and dimed to death from this point with things like rack and pinion, gear box, ball joints, radiator, suspension, catalytic converter, wheel bearings, power steering pump, alternator, and the list goes on.

As a rule of thumb any time a vehicle is over 100,000 miles and has a collision or major mechanical problems it is time to seriously consider selling the vehicle as is to a company like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars. All you have to do is call (03) 9067 7578 for a fast and friendly quote. If you decide to move forward, we will schedule a 1 hour window for a driver to arrive, pay you cash, give you a bill of sale, and tow away your vehicle.


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