Little Beginnings Early Learning Centre

Little Beginnings Early Learning Centre

Little Beginnings Early Learning Centre is a family-owned, non-franchised early learning centre that is a celebration of the uniqueness of each child’s journey starting at the beginning and continuing on. The newly renovated and purpose-built center has vast outdoor and indoor play areasthat offer every day activities that are suitable for children of all ages.

They respect all child’s strengths and interests in their efforts to expand their knowledge and abilities. They only employ highly skilled early childcare educators, and consisting of a cook in the house who cooks fresh meals every day. The staff is committed to offering the best quality of childcare for your children.

Little Beginnings is a family owned and operated business that is committed to providing the best high-quality care for families, children and their local community of Springvale and its surrounding areas. The staff they employ are driven as well as experience and enthusiasm.

The management team at the center has more than two decades of expertise providing top-quality care to children as well as supporting families at the beginning of their lives. The staff is multilingual and has certain translation services that are available to customers in Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Cambodian, Korean and Sri-Lankan.

It is situated within Springvale South and have been providing childcare and a completely funded kinder program for more than 10 years.

Little Beginnings strives to provide the most safe, clean and warm environment to promote play and development.

They use an interest, strong-based curriculum that encourages your child’s abilities, curiosity and skills in recognizing that all children under their care are skilled learners.

They encourage resilience and a feeling of self-worth, belonging and belonging. secure attachments, and secure and warm relationships and interactions. They foster communication skills and problem-solving abilities along with cultural, social understanding and learning, and the ability to communicate and accept their emotions.

They provide children with opportunities to learn independence skills and help children develop their independence.

They offer nutritious meals and is taught about healthy eating, fitness and living habits. They encourage the wellbeing of children and encourage them to build their empathy and be able to integrate into the wider community.

Ask the team of their friendly and helpful staff about the best way to cater to the specific needs of your child. Establishing a relationship and a connection with parents and the families of the children who are in their care is crucial to ensure your child is able to reach their maximum potential.

Their teachers are dedicated to giving the best early education and support for every child who goes to Little Beginnings.

Their multilingual teachers are fluent in Chinese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Cambodian, Korean and Sri-Lankan to ensure a smooth transition for all families and children in their local communities.

They’re an open, welcoming and welcoming centre. they aim to make your visit as smooth, enjoyable and relaxing as will.

Their curriculum is built on The Early Years Framework and National Quality Framework and is based on Interest and strength-based learning that is the basis of their curriculum. As parents, you’ll delight in watching your child’s personality as well as their talents develop because of Little Beginnings.

The first few years of your child’s life are important — they are the goal of the identification, nurturing, and celebration of your child’s uniqueness. They utilize an application called Storypark where parents can see their child’s progress as well as engage in sharing their wonderful holiday events or other details directly with their teachers. They also provide the children with transition reports who are transitioning from kindergarten to school.

Utilizing a method that takes into account the strengths and interests of the child guide their educational journey, the centre can aid in building your child’s independence, confidence and social skills to prepare to their next steps.

They provide a variety of activities, classes and programs to make learning come alive through literacy, numeracy group time and public speaking, as well as computer literacy, name writing as well as music and dancing as well as particular educational programs and events like egg hatching, visits by experts from animals as well as other teachers.


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