Musical Avenue School of Music

Musical Avenue School of Music

At Musical Avenue Their goal is to provide the highest quality music instruction with a solid musical base for students from all ages, abilities and passions. The curriculum is carefully planned to give the most effective learning experience for their students. Students are able to study for fun or sit for music examinations.

They offer their students different opportunities to showcase their talents in their Term shows and their End of Year concert, so that students get a full learning experience while here!

Their goal is to help develop the talents of people who love music and help everyone reach their highest potential! Students have always received impressive results on the AMEB and RockSchool exams.


Their lessons are adapted to the student’s interests in music. They offer a range of programs designed for students at the beginner to advanced. Students in the early years begin with kindergarten classes, and later move to the individual or group program.

1) Group – Kinder Beat Piano (age 3-5)
A fantastic early child musical introduction. This award-winning program offers activities that kids of the 21st century require to develop their brains and accelerate their development.

2.) Instruction in group (age 5 and up)

While they’re not expensive and affordable, group lessons with other students are a great way for students to develop musical knowledge and to make new friends. Students build excellent listening and rhythmic skills while playing with their peers.

3.) Private lessons (age 5 and over)

Individual lessons are popular because they allow students to progress at their own pace and pick their own music/pieces. This is also a possibility for students who wants to take music tests.

If students opt for either the individual or group programs students will be given the opportunity to be part of their “Musical Avenue Roadmap structure’. It is a satisfying step-by-step layout that is designed to inspire students and help them follow a musical direction.


In Musical Avenue, students are challenged to do their best and be rewarded by the school for what they do. The 30-piece challenge will require students to learn 30 new songs at the close of the year and at the end of the year the students will be awarded the certificate of their accomplishment to be presented at the end of year Recital. Additionally, they will have their names listed on the “30 challenges’, also known as the board of Fame in the lobby area.


Musical Avenue instructors are all exceptionally nurturing and well-trained in their areas of expertise. They make sure that each pupil receives a tailored education designed to meet their specific requirements.


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