Make A Difference Dingley Village Inc

Make A Difference Dingley Village Inc

Make A Difference Dingley Village It is a non for profit organization with a tale to share. It’s a captivating story that started more than 30 years ago, and it continues to be told even today.

The story was started with two very simple, totally different reasons that remain relevant to us today: an urgent human need and a desire to answer it.

Through time, they have been able to provide assistance to thousands of people in dire need.

They weren’t the biggest… however, with little resources and a massive commitment and dedication to the cause, the work they have supported throughout the years is truly remarkable. For a tiny organization it has had a massive impact.

Their plan to write the following chapter of this tale is to build on their strengths and past.

Their future plans as well as their new name is the result of a comprehensive strategic review.

They believe that Making A Difference Dingley Village has significant and unique contributions that they can make to the coming years. They help people who have been ignored by other organizations and they swiftly react where the needs are most urgent.

They’re determined to do everything they can to assist those in greatest need. They invite you to think about what you can do to be a part of their efforts to combat inequality and poverty throughout the world.

What impact will the services they provide have.

  • Families can improve communication and learn to negotiate, and build stronger relations
  • Parents are taught to work together in the best interest of children even the instances where separation happens.
  • People take part in serving their communities and helping others to enrich their lives.
  • Families make decisions that will have an impact that is positive for all involved
  • Parents are taught strategies to help make parenting easier to handle
  • The clients have the data they need to aid them in their overall plan
  • Clients can get immediate help in times of emergency
  • Their organization is advocating for their client base in general, and with the government and policy makers
  • Their clients can focus on the future planning while they ease the immediate pressure


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