Marcus Road Kindergarten

Marcus Road Kindergarten

Marcus Road and Jacks Avenue The kindergartens are run through Dingley Kindergarten Centres Incorporated – non-profit organization that is run by a volunteer parent committee.

Marcus Road Kindergarten is situated in the middle of Dingley and is close to local schools and shops.

The school was recently updated and offers a comfortable and spacious space designed to provide an exciting and adaptable educational program. Both three-year-olds and four-year-olds can benefit from the education programs are available in the Marcus Road Kindergarten, taught by qualified and experienced teachers according to the National Children’s Services Regulations and Act as well as the National Quality Framework.

It is well-known that children learn best by playing. In Kindergarten, they are given the chance to take part in a variety of fun, stimulating and educational activities. These include craft and art as well as physical activities, puzzles games, books and even construction.

The outdoor area in the Marcus Road Kindergarten’s outdoor area Marcus Road Kindergarten provides natural shade, and an extensive pergola that permits children to play outside playing all year round. The variety of surfaces and play spaces encourage children to play and explore the surroundings.

Teachers understand the importance of establishing strong relationships with parents in order to collaborate to create programs that are specific to each child’s unique desires and needs.

They appreciate the importance that the Dingley community and have formed close relationships between local educational institutions. They collaborate with schools to ensure that each child gets an easy transition into school. They are aware of the influence that the community could affect children’s sense belonging. They are enthralled by exploring the “Village” and they enjoy getting to know other members of their group.

Marcus Road Kinder is a community where families and children are warmly welcomed and swiftly establish a sense. It’s a secure and a supportive place where children can gain independence, establish friendships, develop social skills, and be confident learners, supported by their loving and dedicated teachers.

In line to the National Quality Framework, they hold a National Quality rating of Exceeding National Quality Standards.

Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc. recognizes its commitment to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) as an integral component of their educational philosophy. The VEYLDF acknowledges the importance of family-centered methods. Collaboration with families, and acknowledging that they have the most influence on children’s development and learning is highly regarded and embraced by Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc.

Establishing respectful relationships with children can build confidence, a feeling of security and wellbeing, and a willingness to learn. When you promote a welcoming and welcoming space, equity and diversity are recognized. Families are encouraged in the children’s education and development.

Play is a way for children to acquire essential skills that will help them in their lifelong learning. The VEYLDF emphasizes that play is crucial to engage and enhance all children’s physical, intellectual, creative and social capabilities. Children’s unique and strengths and interests in the group are acknowledged, embraced and expanded. Through active engagement friendly and trusting relationships are created, giving opportunities to further develop. Play promotes:

* A child’s distinct sense of identity and overall well-being
* A better appreciation of the ways children connect to and contribute to the world around them,
* Enthusiastic and engaged learners and
* Children are becoming proficient communicators.

Through forming collaborations and partnerships with by forming partnerships and working in collaboration with early childhood professionals, Educators integrate teaching and methods of learning. Reflective practice is essential for children’s learning and development in the future. The educators have high expectations of children, and the surroundings should reflect the voice of the child. Children must feel a strong sense of belonging in the classroom. This is because the Early Childhood Education sector is always changing. Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc Committee strive to assist educators in these shifts. Encouragement and support for educators to attend Professional Development events make sure they keep up to date of the latest trends and pedagogical methods.

Understanding current research and theories is essential in how they respond to families and children. Committee of Management, Staff and Volunteers are all required to comply with their obligations under the Regulations in addition to The National Law. This National Quality Framework guides the Dingley Kindergarten Centres Inc, in continuously refining and evaluating their procedures and practices.

They adhere to the principles from their Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics. This guideline guides their daily activities. The environment of the kindergarten must be welcoming, warm and secure. It will be apparent when you observe the interactions with the children that they are treated with respect and encouraged to build their abilities for lifelong learning.


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