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If you have a car which has so bad condition and the cost of its repair is more than the cost of buying a secondhand vehicle, you may want to “tow it away”. If you are going to do something like that, wait! Find out your nearest service provider like; car wrecking or salvage yard, which can give you a certain amount of cash for cars according to its condition along with free towing.

You may be happy to know that these companies are always in search of bad conditioned vehicles. They dismantle old vehicles and sell out its good, conditioned parts. Even when your car cannot run, it may have some parts which are still saleable. In this way, your clunker is just like a gold pot for a recycler and junkyard. Hence, you can easily get the best market value of your clunker from the salvage yard. But how they can determine the actual value of junk car? Let’s see how!

Factors with which junkyards determine actual value of the car
Age: When your car gets older, the ownership of the vehicle decreases eventually. The components of a clunker, which is about 15 years old, have a higher demand than its repair parts. If the parts of an automobile are branded like Toyota or Honda, it means automobile was highly reliable and its components are more valuable for the salvage yards despite their age because cars can run for several years with these parts.

Model and make: If your automobile has excellently reliable and popular make and model, then you can get the higher value of your car from salvage yards. Although excellent reliability is not the quality of a popular model, the reality is these parts demand more after the period of ten or more years after its date of release.

Condition: For a salvage yard, it is not mandatory to have excellent-conditioned automobile so that you can get a higher value for your car. Some useful parts like body panels, transmissions, cabin components, and engines which can still be in good condition and are full-functioned can increase the market value of junk vehicle. A fully wrecked car is still valuable for car recyclers because of its useful components.

Hence, this is true that you have something more than just a clunker in your garage, driveway or front yard. Although your car is totally useless for you and others, it is also true that this scrap still is capable to make money for you. If you want to resell the scrap cars, always sell it to those who can understand its value. And there is no one in this world that can do this except scrap yard.


This is true that salvage yards buy several types of vehicles whether it is wrecked, old and immovable because of some mechanical problems. The salvage yard is capable to know about the vehicle’s age, make, model and its condition as a whole. So don’t think your wrecked car is good for nothing to you.


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