Noble Park Early Learning Centre

Noble Park Early Learning Centre

In Noble Park Early Learning, they understand the vital function that their center plays in helping children prepare for their future life, and strive to provide their children with life-skills essential to them.
It is their the first goal and top primary goal to show each children unconditional affection and respect. They believe that the first connection is essential for building a child’s psychological confidence and self-esteem. It also makes sure that they feel welcome and secure prior to moving forward in their learning. They will gain an identity that they belong to the community, and learning will be more successful and last longer. They also promote the growth of self-confidence by fostering positive relationships with meaningful interactions, as well as opportunities to collaborate. Through the promotion of these experiences, they seek to make sure that children are prepared to form friendships and face the social pressures.

They believe that with a program based on play children will be encouraged and supported to achieve their potential and achieve their personal goals and goals, and they intend to make this program available to all children for participation. They want to assist every child in becoming the best they can be as well as extend their commitment and support to children who have special needs. They want each child to develop and grow as individuals while allow them to “be” in the moment; to discover, be curious about, dream, and pursue their own passions. They will offer them both life and educational experiences in a nurturing and safe, nurturing environment, yet let these experiences be guided by the child’s personal interests, independence and aspirations for challenging.

They strive to instill a sense of belonging for all the children, staff and families in their center which reflects the diverse and distinct their cultural heritage and the traditions they all bring. They believe that the most crucial element in creating a comfortable environment is the bonds they establish with families and are determined to offer meaningful opportunities for families. They aim to create an atmosphere of security and trust in families who have their children out of their care. It is their wish that families can continue their lives as normal and increase their energy in all they do, knowing they are welcomed as loved, safe, and well-cared for. They also want to foster understanding, acceptance and create positive and respectful relationships that enable families to reach out for help whenever they need it and work together with teachers and coordinators.

Noble Park Early Learning Centre prides itself on its wonderful outdoor learning space. Their grounds are large and provide plenty of space to play and explore. With mature trees and shade sails, they provide flexible play areas for any season. The verandah under cover allows playing outdoors even when weather is not ideal.

The Centre offers a variety of outdoor equipment that is rotated frequently to help in learning new abilities. This could include balance beams, climbing frames and obstacles courses.


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