Paramount Egg House & Indian Restaurant

Paramount Egg House & Indian Restaurant

Ozfoodhunter was started by a typical restaurant background person named Veeravel Kesavan in the year 2016. In the course of running a tiny 45-seater restaurant in Cairns noticed that online ordering was increasing in the near future. Someone with no IT background chose to launch an online ordering platform that was user-friendly to place orders for food on the internet. At first, it took about 6 months to get over the hurdles. He wanted to create something more effective than the website, and then made the decision to create an app that would serve the community of food in Brisbane and to assist the restaurant owners around him.

The initial goal was to offer an online ordering system for food initially aimed at providing an online food ordering platform Brisbane. After a steady record of innovation and dedication of the group, Ozfoodhunter expanded all over Australia within two years. The company eventually reached all corners of Australia with more than 3500 restaurants available on the Ozfoodhunter App and website (IOS/ANDROID) currently.

As a group one of the most important aspects aspect is Ozfoodhunter has never abandoned their main mission, which is serving the community. Every time the team accomplishes the goal, they are looking for the next challenge and accomplish it.

Ozfoodhunter is never able to forget its initial mission, which is to support the community of food. The trust and value that’s placed in the quality of food served by restaurant partners and servicesis the reason that makes Ozfoodhunter feasible. Ozfoodhunter assists in generating profits for their restaurant partners through making their outreach to the general public much more effective by promoting their restaurant online through the top-notch team of Digital Marketing executives.

Ozfoodhunter Team members are working across Australia to help any business, regardless of dimensions and shapes of the restaurant that need the presence of an internet-based website. Therefore, Ozfoodhunter develops brand new websites using a brand-new domain name for restaurants, with the restaurant’s owners taking the control of the restaurant’s website.

Ozfoodhunter’s team puts in a rigorous and high-quality effort to deliver food to your table. Ozfoodhunter is one of the top user interfaces, making it easy to navigate around and discover your local through your mobile.

Ozfoodhunter is a top choice for Australians in terms of food delivery online and takeaway. With a fantastic review system that makes ordering more reliable and makes it easier to make food orders.

Although their offerings are superior to other online food ordering platforms in Australia. They’re trying to enhance the quality of their service and find innovative ways to provide benefits to their customers.


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