Sandown Racecourse And Entertainment Centre

Built in the early 60’s, Sandown’s Motor Circuit has long stood as the premium car racing circuit in Melbourne. Names such as Fangio, Moss, Brabham, Brock, Skaife and Richards all having competing round the fast and famous circuit.

Now the official ‘Heritage Round’ of the V8 Supercar Championship, the circuit is currently half way through a significant safety upgrade.

Sandown is one of the very few permanent circuits left anywhere in the world, located right in the middle of a metropolitan city. Due to its close proximity to local residents, Sandown is restricted to running five major Motorsport weekends. Currently these include a V8 Supercars Sandown 500 event (mid September), Historic Sandown (early November), State Race Series rounds (May & July), and Shannons Nationals (Sept).

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The circuit is home to the famous Sandown endurance race which was first held in 1964 through to 2007, with a return to the V8 Supercars calendar in 2012.

Traditionally the domain of touring cars, the race has also been held for Series Production cars from 1968–1972 and GT Sports Cars in 2001 and 2002. Peter Brock is the most successful driver of the Sandown enduro with nine outright wins including seven in a row from 1975 to 1981. The race itself wasn’t always run over a 500 km distance. The first two races ran for six hours while the next two ran for just three hours. The race distance was 250 km from 1970 until 1975. This was increased to 400 km in 1976 and stayed that way until 1983. It was changed for the last time in 1984 with an increase to 500 km.

The 1990, 1993 and 1994 events had no major sponsor and were underwritten by circuit promoter and former Formula 5000 star Jon Davison.

Sandown racecourse in Melbourne suburbs

Sandown is the only thoroughbred racecourse in Australia with two race tracks. In 2001 the Club built a second track, Hillside, around the outside of the existing Lakeside track.

The racing surface at Sandown is widely recognised by industry and punters alike as one of the best in Australia. With both tracks featuring wide turns and front straights, and a gradual rise from the 200m mark to the finishing post, every runner gets a chance.

To better inform residents well in advance, please refer to the following list of annual events held each year, what the Club does to meet any permit conditions, and a few helpful tips to assist residents.

Sandown 500 – V8 Supercar Round

This annual V8 Supercar weekend returns to mid September each year. This is the biggest sporting event held in the City of G.Dandenong. The Council and CAMS closely monitor the noise levels, while the Club also employs traffic control measures via Gate 10 to avoid any traffic for residents in Alamein St.

The promoters heed resident feedback from previous years, and ensure there are no jet fighter fly-pasts, however they sometimes will have the RAAF Roulettes, Helicopters and other aerial displays.

Historic Sandown – Motorsport weekend

This annual historic racing event held in early November has become a major success with many local residents attending. Additional vehicle traffic is evident around the area. Strict noise controls are placed on the competitors, with many of the older cars having to be modified to ensure they do not exceed to 95 decibel limit.

Large Festivals

Throughout the year, predominantly in February and March, the venue hosts a number of cultural festivals such as the Indian, Vietnamese, Muslim and Chilean events. The larger festivals can create additional traffic around the entry points.

Tips to assist residents:

Take five minutes each 2-3 months to check this site for upcoming events, such as those motorsport weekends rated 95db(A) or festivals where large crowds are expected. This way residents are not reliant on the media to learn when the smaller ones are on (unexpectedly), and preparations can be made.

For those residents with pets, check the festivals that may have fireworks displays at night, and the times these are expected to be performed. Pets can then be bought inside during the short time the fireworks are scheduled for display.

Always check the prevailing wind conditions (refer to Noise recording section below).

Plan ahead. If residents are looking at upcoming dates to hold an event at home, it could pay to check if any large event is on the event calendar at Sandown, so planning steps can be made to avoid traffic or noise issues.

If travelling on the Sunday morning of Sandown V8 event, plan a route that avoids the section of Corrigan Road, between Princes Highway and the rail line (Lightwood Rd)

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