When you have a car that you want to sell, your first thought is – “Where can I sell my car?” Then you search, ‘how to sell my car near me.’ Selling a car is an overwhelming experience. From vehicle preparation, contacting strangers, test drives, endless phone calls to advertising on sites to increase your vehicle’s exposure, comes with a price tag.  Many times, deciding to sell your car to a dealership or car buying business, like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars, is pain-free – saving you time and money.



People have a quest for convenience. Selling your car privately or through online classifieds can interrupt your life. It is inconvenient in a number of ways. It takes time and efforts. There is a risk of inviting strangers over to your place. You also have some professional commitments, which will be affected when you try to sell your car online or to a private party. But selling your car to a dealer is super convenient, fast, and easy. Used car dealers are in the market to buy your car and they will buy it for cash instantly. That’s what we call convenience!


Save Time

Time equals money. The less time you spend on selling a car, the more you could get done from your personal and professional life. Selling a car needs to be as quick as possible. For a win-win scenario, you need a solution to sell your car that quickens this process and helps you get the best value out of your car. So, what’s the solution for – “Where can I sell my car to save time and get the best value?”  Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars!


Get Paid on the Same Day

Yes, you heard that right!  At VIP Cash For Cars, we take just 15 minutes to inspect your car and give you an offer on the spot. If you accept, we pay you in full then and there.   Many other dealerships do not pay the same day.  You have to wait several days for a check in the mail, especially if you sell over the weekend.  This becomes cumbersome.  Unlike selling your car private party, you don’t have to wait for weeks to find the right buyer.  A car buying business/car dealership like Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is your buyer.  Fix an appointment to meet with a representative and leave the same day with money in hand.  We promise!


No Worries

If you go the way of private-party sale, be prepared for an abundance of formalities – title transfer, liability issues insurance, money, loan payoffs, AS-IS sales, duplicate titles, lapsed registration, etc. Missing one of these legal works could delay your car sale. Selling it to a licensed car buyer or dealer eliminates hassles and future obligations.

When you meet with us to sell your car, all you need is the vehicle title, registration, keys, and ID.  We take care of the rest.



If you are looking for a solution for “Where can I sell my car,” be sure to check for us, Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars. As a car buying service and used car dealership, we offer convenience, help you save precious time, and eliminate frustrations that come with selling a car. We are the best place for your query – I need to sell my car near me. We buy used cars in Melbourne. If convenience, stress-free process, time, and on the spot offer appeal to you, Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is the smartest choice for you to sell a car.


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