SH Jewellery

SH Jewellery

SH tells the story of a family’s love affair with fine jewellery that dates back to the 1960’s in Pailin, Cambodia’s sapphire-ruby mines.

After a long day of mining gemstones, a teenager Seng would go with the land owner to the local market to buy the day’s findings. The takings were split between them.

Seng was fascinated from a young age by the process of turning a gem from its natural state, fresh from the earth, into stunning jewellery that reflects beauty, status, and style.

Seng’s fascination for gemstones would quickly shift to another area when he met his first gem merchant late at night. Seng was struck by the brightness of the brightly lit room when a wealthy customer entered. These brilliant stones, he would soon learn, were diamonds.

He still vividly recalls the sparkling stones beaming across the room. This was a sensation he hadn’t experienced while working with rubies or sapphires.

Young Seng was not an expert on diamonds but he knew that he would create stunning diamond jewellery that sparkled as brightly as the diamonds that he had seen that night.

Seng’s dream was thwarted by a civil war that ravaged Cambodia in the 1970s, which made Cambodia fragile for many years. Seng, his wife and their young children moved to Australia in 1986 in search of stability.

After working hard to provide a stable lifestyle for his family, Seng realized that his dream had been resurrected in 1998. Seng had enough capital to start making jewellery, and he began sketching the ideas he had been putting off for so long.

His unique designs were quickly popularized by friends and family. They were unique in a market saturated with low-grade, mass-produced pieces.

Seng was determined for better results. He used only the best grade diamonds to make sure they sparkled with the same intensity as he had seen at the gem merchants house many decades before.

After many years of working in private and refining his skills over the years, Seng opened his first store in 2005. It was called SH Jewellery. The acronym is a tribute to his father, Hout.

Their second-generation Melbourne jewellery shop has been sharing hundreds of life’s most important milestones with clients all over Australia since 2005. This legacy was passed to me by my father, Che, and I am honored to share it with them.

Their Springvale showroom focuses on platinum and 18kt gold diamond engagement and wedding rings. They also have a carefully curated selection diamond pendants, earrings and necklaces.

They are proud to say that the SH Jewellery showroom is a hub for referrals. This is due to the family’s dedication to quality, product knowledge, and impeccable craftsmanship of their rings. They have earned a reputation as independent experts in Australia’s jewelry industry with glowing client testimonials.

Their dedicated team ensures that the product is perfect from conception to counter. They hand-select the most valuable diamonds in the world with the approval and guidance of their Diamond and Jewellery specialists. They only allow the best quality diamonds to pass through their doors, and this collaborative, hands-on approach ensures that they bear the SH Jewellery label.

They are like family and know each ring well. Their work is made so meaningful by their conscientious exchange and new beginnings immortalised in precious stones

They hope that you will enjoy the passion, quality, and craftsmanship that go into their fine jewellery as much they do.


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