The junk car market is an ever-flowing market that ebbs and flows with demand for scrap metal and supply of junk cars. In order to time your junk car sale to get the best deal, you’ll need to be familiar with what impacts the value of scrap metal.



It is hard to say what the going price of scrap metal will be in a few days or weeks, because the market is so volatile. It depends on demand for metal to make products, but also is impacted by tariffs. If you want to check the latest scrap metal value, you can use an app such as iScrap to monitor the changes.



Yes, it likely does. If you’re looking to sell to a private buyer, SUVs do better in winter and more fuel-efficient cars will sell for more in warmer weather. But when junking your car, the nuances of seasonal price changes are a little more complex.


In the fall, you can expect an inflated junk car market and lower prices. This is because people are more likely to buy a new car in the fall, once new models have been released. They’ll then junk their cars, resulting in more supply and lower value.


Winter presents a different set of challenges to junk car buyers that cause them to lower their prices. Towing vehicles can be more difficult in the snow and cold and if your buyer is offering free towing that extra cost may end up reflected in the price you get for the car.

If you’re smart, you’ll wait for spring and summer to sell your junk car. There is usually a spike in the scrap metal demand during warmer months, as construction ramps up and the need for metal increases. Since junk cars are a large source of scrap metal, you may get a higher price in the summer.



While all that information about selling during a certain time of year may be important, it’s also important to know that waiting to sell your car will also decrease its value. Cars lose value as they sit unused in your garage. Rust accumulates and the car depreciates. Plus, the tips above are only based on averages–there isn’t a perfect way to know when you’ll get the most for your car. So, often you’re better off just selling it when you’re ready, rather than try to wait for the perfect combination of timing and market value.


Knowing all this up-front will help you make an informed decision on what to do with your Junker. It is best to weigh all the options and get quotes from multiple buyers before committing. So, if you’re ready to hear what Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars is willing to offer you, pick up the phone and call us at (03) 9067 7578 now!


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