Did you know that nearly 25% of people have named their car? With so many of us having this much of an attachment to our vehicles, it’s no surprise that making the decision to part ways with it can be a difficult one. Thankfully, there are a few key signs that it’s time to sell your car. Check them out below:


Your Needs Have Changed

Maybe you move to a new climate, or a different city. Maybe you’ve got a new addition to the family, or now you’re an empty nester. Life is always changing, and your vehicle needs go right along with it. If you’re finding that you can’t fit your family into your car anymore, or it’s not handling the weather the way you’d like it to, it’s time to sell your car.


Maintenance Expenses

It should come as no surprise that older cars can be more expensive to maintain. With parts needing to be replaced more frequently, you might also realize it’s harder to find parts for your specific make and model as time goes by. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses and spend less of your money on car repairs.


It’s Embarrassing

Is your car cramping your style? If you’re embarrassed by your car, or your friends wouldn’t be caught dead in it, it may be time to sell your car. It may be a superficial reason, but quality of life matters, right?


You’ve Got Expensive Repairs Coming Up

You know the old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. If there’s one problem with your engine, there’s bound to be more coming up. If you’re not ready to spend a small fortune trying to save your car, it’s probably best to sell it.


You Failed a State Inspection

Some states require vehicles to pass different inspections before they’ll send you your registration. If your car didn’t pass, you’ve got to make the judgement call of whether to fix the problem or sell it. As we’ve mentioned before, repairs can be expensive. If you’ve failed multiple inspections, it’s definitely time to sell your car.


You’re Ready for New Car Technology

Are you not satisfied with decking out your old car with new car technology? If you’re ready for a state-of-the-art GPS system, or having the convenience of Amazon’s Alexa right in your dashboard, the time to sell your car is now.


It’s Not Safe

Older cars don’t have all the same safety features as newer cars. If you’re feeling unsafe in your vehicle, it’s time to sell and enjoy all the upgrades. From airbag equipped seatbelts to accident prevention technology, the peace of mind might be worth getting rid of your old ride.


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