A lot of people don’t know, but they can make money out of their junk cars. If you have scrap cars in your garage or yard, then you can instantly turn them into money by selling them. Not only will you earn extra, you will also get rid of an eyesore that’s not going anywhere.

If you are from Melbourne, you should know that there’s a company that proudly claims, “We buy junk cars.” But before you contact the company to sell your car, you should ensure that you maximize the value of your junk cars. Below are some of the tips you need to keep in mind to make sure you make the most out of your scrap cars.

Find Out the Value of Scrap Cars

You should determine the amount of money you can get before you contact junk car buyers and say, “I want to sell my car.” If it is still a running car, then find out its Blue book value as well as the condition. You should know the amount of damage whether it can still run or not, and other details. You should also find out if doing some repairs on the car will make them road worthy. Keep in mind, cars that run on their own have more value than totally junk cars.

You should also determine what is still running in the car. Find out the parts that are worthless and which are still running. The working parts can still be resold to other owners of the same car maker who are looking for replacement parts. This will bring you more money, but it will also take a lot of time and effort because you need to find the buyers for the parts. Selling parts from your car can take a lot of value from your junk car. Many times a $700 car becomes a $100 car and you only made $500 bucks selling the parts. The math speaks for itself.

Whatever is left on the junk cars can now be sold as scrap cars. Before contacting junk car buyers, you do not need to clean out very well. However if you were using the broken down vehicle for storage or a trash can, please pick up the large trash/items stored. This can sometimes improve the amount of cash for cars.

When dealing with junk car buyers, you must not be afraid to negotiate the price. They will welcome the discussion of the price when you sell your car for cash. This is more common in vehicles that are 5 years old or newer. Their first offer may be lower than expected and sometimes they will pay more cash than originally quoted. That’s why it is important to try to negotiate for the better price. They can’t always pay more for a vehicle but on vehicles 5 years old or newer, there’s a good chance.

Selling scrap cars is a good way to earn extra money out of an item that you cannot use. If you are from Melbourne, you should contact Melbourne VIP Cash For Cars. They will pay the most money for your junk cars.


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